Monday, August 07, 2006

Being Polite

While I think that you all know how very opposed I am to this war in Iraq, I do appreciate the soldiers who are giving their lives and being so far from home, family, friends, etc. C served as an Air Force pilot in Viet Nam the first year we were married, and so I know pretty much first hand how tough that duty can be for everyone. Ginger, my "outlaw", emailed the following address to our daughter Kristin this morning: It's pretty neat and only takes a minute or so, to let some soldier in Iraq know that she or he is appreciated. Try it!! (Oh, by the way, Ginger's son Rob, Dave's younger brother, is in Iraq.)

On another note, my Swedish cousin Eva is setting me straight about how to change my blog name without having to go through all of the motions of setting up a whole new blog site. So, please bear with me while I muddle through this, with Eva the techno superstar, holding my hand! God it's great to have someone with some brains lookin' out for me!!!

No dyeing or quilting yet today....I have been busy pruning shrubs out front....doesn't it look better? Oh, you can't see it? really looks great! Hang on...just a sec! Phew, it's hot outside! I just ran out and snapped a few pics. Let's see if blogger will let me share them with you.

Yes! OK, this first one shows the house as you drive up the driveway. Behind the Japanese cut leaf maple and to the right of the four long vertical windows is our front door. There are two stacked stone sort of crescent-shaped walls along the front of the house. Their purpose is to hide the HVAC units. The shrubs in front of them had grown up so high that you couldn't even see the stonework!

Here is a bit better view of the front entryway, with that Japanese maple to our right. There are azaleas close to the walkway and then a very large Daphne Odora, which greets us with its great sweet scent in late winter. I pruned all of the azaleas...a no-no for so late in the summer as they have already set their buds for next Spring, but what's a girl to do? They had just gotten out of hand!!!

Our master bedroom is behind that sloping roofline to the right....I know, wierd house, isn't it?!!! Well, anyway, there is a very large Viburnum up against that wall, and it too had gotten a bit too large for its pantaloons, so I had to reprimand it as well with the lopping shears! It now knows just who is boss!!! The hangy-down branches in the foreground are from a river birch, which had also gotten a bit out of hand, so I got out the huge loppers on the extension pole and had a grand time giving it a good haircut! C has been gone all day and will be very impressed (I hope!) when he comes home and finds my handywork!!!

I visited my Mom this afternoon and told her what I had been up to. She asked if I hadn't just done all of that pruning a month or so ago....YEP!!! But that's how things are here in Georgia in the summer!


Eva said...

The garden looks very nice. Good work Judy!
Well, what did Craig say about your outdoor exercise?
Was he impressed?

Please Judy, I don't think my brain is different from yours. We just have different interests. That's the only explanation!

Well talking about changes, you can take away the annoying "WORD VERIFICATION" below the "Leave your comment" window/square. You do that at the Dashboard under Change settings ->Settings
->Comments. Then go down a bit and change: "Show word verification for comments?" from yes to no, and then "save settings" of course
XO Eva

Judy said...

Thanks Eva! I hate to have to write that word verification when commenting on peoples' blogs! Maybe others will take the hint, eh?

Eva said...

Thanks to you too! I hate it too. You just asked me in a mail if your web site address was changed but what I can see it's still the old one.

Here's my instructions:
Open your web site/blog and then go to: (View my complete profile –> EDIT YOUR PROFILE –> Dashboard –>) CHANGE SETTINGS –> Publishing –> Blog*Spot Address. After “Blog*Spot Address” you fill in your new web site address:

Good luck!

Eva said...

Me again! I just get to thought that perhaps you have to erase or change the name on the NEW web site before you change the name on the OLD one. Blogger will certainly not accept to of the same.

Eva said...

Me again!
Two, not to...duhhh! It went a little bit to fast, but I know you understand anyway ;-)

Judy said...

p.s. Eva, Craig loved what I did in the garden...mainly because he didn't have to do it!!! LOL