Friday, September 08, 2006

Floppy Poppies finale

or should I say, FINALLY???
It took a few days to get the binding piece dyed, then I realized I didn't have enough WonderUnder left in my stash to apply the binding, so that entailed a trip "into town"....but finally yesterday I got the binding on, sewed into place and the sleeve attached to the back! Sometimes I think it takes me as long to do the little bits of finishing as it does to complete the you feel that way? Anyway, here it is:

I learned a lot in designing and making this piece and can hardly wait to make another, although it will be a while. First off, as I have heard and read before but never really experienced, commercial fabrics don't fuse as well as my, the black and whites, the whites, and the prints have tended to fray a bit around the edges. All of my own hand-dyes are just fine, thank you very much! Rather than strip-piecing the borders, I fused them, which seemed easier at the time, plus the fusible material was already on the back of the fabrics, so why not? There is some fraying going on there too! The piece looks a lot better in person...why is that?...than in the photograph. I took it with me yesterday to hand sew on the sleeve while I was waiting at the Dr's with a friend, and got many very positive compliments, so I know it is eye-catching and pleasing. OK, all you critics, before I make another, what would you change to make it even better? Be honest...I have very broad shoulders and thick skin!

Here is a closeup of the quilting on the background. I had a lot of fun with that.

I think there are five poppies quilted into the background, with wavy stems and leaves...all done in Sulky's HoloShimmer. I am addicted to that stuff!

On another note, we enjoyed a wonderful evening of dinner and conversation with C's cousins, Heather and Scott, last night at Le Maison Bleu in Watkinsville. (If you go, be sure to have their chocolate bread pudding for is worth the 3 pound weight gain!!) What a great little restaurant! We don't get together often enough, but when we do, it is always a great time. Scotty is off to ride his bike in the MS ride at Calloway Gardens this weekend. Go Scott!!!

OK, that's it for today. I am off to take my Mom to the Opthalmologists. She has glaucoma and it is time for her check-up. Pray for no increase in her pressure!


Gerrie said...

Just repeat after me: fraying is a design element! LOL. The poppies turned out really well. I love them.

Judy said...

LOL You have, once again, made my day! Thanks, darlin!

Anonymous said...

What's a little fraying among friends??? I particularly like the wave of the border/binding-great choice. We both know I am boring and walk the staight and narrow...Nice choice of colors, too.