Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Night at the Fights

Thank heavens Saturday has finally arrived! Our houseguest, Mr. Marley Curylo (rhymes with "furlow"), will be going home to his peripatetic Mom and Dad tomorrow afternoon...and not a moment too soon! He is the liveliest little doggie!!! Most mornings he wakes us up at about 4:00 with his incessant licking and shaking of ears. This morning I threatened him within an inch of his life, and he kindly went back to sleep until 6:00, at which time he started his ritual bathing all over again! GROAN!!! Normally I am up and busy by 6:30, but this morning I had a dreadful sinus headache, so lingered a little longer. At 7:00, C was kind enough to get up and take both doggies out for a little walk.
Here is the evening activity for the two hounds:

They are actually playing, but it looks (and sounds) a whole lot more serious! Marley begins by chasing after Barker, who is a very passive and sweet-natured dog.....I'm not biased, mind you! After about ten minutes of nipping and jumping, Barker has had all he can take and so he then reciprocates. This went on for about two hours the other night...C and I were exhausted!!!

How did I spend the better part of my day today??? Well, I can't tell you everything! Why??? Because I was busy assembling birthday and Christmas gifts! That's why!!! What fun!!! While I was lying there in bed this morning (listening to Marley) I figured out some totally awesome gifts for family and friends, so I've been busy today trying to construct them.

Of course I did a bit of dyeing! Wanna see? Here are some of my favorites:

Well, dear blogger won't let me upload any more images tonight, so you'll just have to know that the other hand-dyes are just as yummy (or more so) than these guys!

So, that'll be it for now....I want to get back to my making my gifts.... and perhaps a bit of reading! What am I reading, you ask? Stay tuned till tomorrow!


Pixie said...

ohh, Judy they really are delicious. I love love love them.
Yep, I know your address is outta date on my blogroll list...I'll change it I will, I will. Pixie

Amanda Whitsel said...

Hey J
are those silk ?

Judy said...

Hey back at ya A!
No, these are cottons. The quilt shop where I am teaching has asked me to sell some of my hand dyes there, so I am doing some for them. I would much prefer to be doing charmeuse, but they want cotton. I do mainly silks for me.