Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Got Ballz?????

I was intrigued by an ad in Gaiam Living's Harmony catalogue for some Dryer Balls. It said that they are not only eco friendly (no more dryer sheets in the landfill) but also are kinder to your skin and reduce the time needed to dry clothes. So, I found some at the Bed Bath and Beyond that has opened up near us in Gainesville. Here they are:

I'm takin' them for a spin today and the results thus far: clothes do feel invitingly soft, there is no static cling and I actually think that the drying time may be reduced a bit. My appliance repair man will be so proud of me! On his last couple of visits, he has checked out my lint screen and said that although lint-free, it had a very large build up of residue from the dryer sheet chemicals and he would spend quite a bit of time scrubbing that junk off. He reminded me that I too could do that, thus decreasing drying time. But, ya know, I never remember to do the screen scrubbing. Now perhaps I have found the perfect solution for a number of problems!

On another fiber note, I was busy last night making more silk fusion. The first sheet is from some pre-dyed soy silk roving that I purchased from Joggles. I added some Lion's Mane glitter to the medium and it really made the fusion sparkle.
This second piece is one that I dyed myself with some turquoise and chartreuse...also adding a bit of the Lion's Mane.

This stuff is so addicting!!!!

It's another lovely day here in the Southland, and I may even get out to do some weeding and fertilizing in my flower beds. Waaaay to pretty to stay inside...even if to dye!

Have a great day.

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