Friday, March 02, 2007

Sushi Anyone???

We are back in Midtown for a couple of days of city fun. Today we decided to head back to our favorite RuSans for a sushi lunch. They have the most incredible sushi buffet. Here's my first plate:

The YellowTail (at about 4:00 on my plate) was so yummy...just like eating butter! Can you tell that I absolutely adore pickled ginger (a little after 12:00) and wasabi (3:00)??
Here's C's plate...he's more into the tempura, but surprised me by going back for seconds on the sushi!

There are so many restaurants that we absolutely adore in Atlanta and we could happily return to them week after week, like visiting good friends, but we have vowed that we will try a new eating establishment just as often as we possibly can. So last night, a very rainy night in Georgia, we went to Redfish for the first time. Kristin and Dave had been there and raved about it, but we had yet to try it. WOW!!! The portions are huge and the food is outstanding. I started off with a bowl of seafood gumbo (which was to die for) and then had fried oysters on a Caesar Salad...most of which came home in a to-go box, and I will enjoy for this evening's dinner.

We decided to walk up to the High Museum this morning and see some more of the Louvre exhibit. We got rather upclose and personal with my alltime favorite Midtown structure:

We never got close enough for me to catch its name, but I will soon! I just love that wonderful building.

My favorite piece in the High's Louvre exhibit has to be Rembrandt's "St. Matthew and the Angel". This is part of the "Kings as Collectors" show, featuring Louis XIV - XVI. We also mosied on down to the lower level and viewed the amazing works of Louis Monza. Unable to work after a spinal cord injury, Mr. Monza did a lot of linoleum woodcut prints, monoprints and pencil drawings. I am ready to go home and do some printing!!

We walked further north on Peachtree Street to The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, to view their new exhibit. That is always a fun place to visit and today was no exception! The piece you see below is by Sang-Wook Lee:

While at first this looks like nothing, look a bit more closely...perhaps you cannot see it, so I'll tell you. This semi-circular wall is composed of almost 20,000 bricks of ramen noodles and measures 136" tall by 218" long. It is 101" deep!! Mr. Lee, an Asst. professor of fiber at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA received inspiration for this piece from the arhitectural ruins of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. It is really something. C and I also enjoyed the Martha Whittington "piece" which there was no way to just have to see and hear it. It is terrific!!!

After our Sushi Lunch, we headed north on Piedmont, making a stop at my favorite thrift store, run by The Cathedral of St. Phillip. What a place!! I got a gorgeous beaded vest in there for $5.99! There's no photo because there was no opportunity, and now my batteries are dead!! Sorry!!

As we pulled out of the thrift shop, this car just happened to be in front of us, and the center bumper sticker reminded me of Kristin and her latest quilt series, so I snapped a picture!

I hope you can make it's for Pace Academy, with three buildings with pointy-type roofs.

As many of you have read, "our" Trader Joe's still isn't open, so today we couldn't wait any longer and we drove up to the one in Sandy Springs, just to gird our loins. We LOVED it and feel sure that our Midtown store will be even bigger. It was so much fun just browsing through all of the new stuff! OK
Gerrie, I'm ready for the shopping list!!! Here is the back of a Mini Cooper parked in front of Trader Joe's. I just love the bumper stickers!!

Well, that's it for today folks. It is after 9:20 PM and C is telling me we need to eat dinner before settling in for a movie. I've yet to read emails or check my favorite blogs, so I guess I'd better say good night.



Debra said...

Wow! Wish I had known you when we were in Atlanta for a convention years ago! (I hated the city.. and you might have changed my mind).

My main memory: walking around the downtown area looking for anything interesting, and having cops pull up and ask me where I was from. Then telling me that nobody walks around Atlanta. (sorry, if it's not a walking city, I'm just not that interested...). That and asking at the hotel where to go to do something and always being told to go out to the suburbs.

Sounds like things may have changed??

Gerrie said...

I have 3 words for you - extra set of batteries - well, 4 words!! :)

I love hearing about your Atlanta adventures and eating.

kristin La Flamme said...

Thanks for the houses -- they do look like my stamp :-) Cool bumper stickers all around!