Wednesday, February 14, 2007


seems to be the "color of the day"!

Here is a pot of lovely tulips from our friends Dick and Rosemary Freeman. Aren't they gorgeous...and such a welcome on a cold and blustery February day.

And below are the lovely roses from my Sweetie:

However, what's given me the most pleasure today is this:

Rayna whet my appetite with gelatin plate printing at John C. Campbell Folk School last Fall, and I've had time to tinker a bit and ponder a lot, so this book came at just the right time!

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!


joyce said...

I never heard of a gelatin plate for printing, but when I was in school, waaay before photocopiers we had a thing called a hectograph that made a few copies if you used the right kind of pencil. The teacher used it for making tests. I wonder if it is the same thing?

Gerrie said...

I obviously need this book!! Thanks for mentioning it.

Rayna said...

I thought the book was out of print. It's a good book - which I discovered only after I had been gelatin plate printing on fabric for a few years. Nancy works on paper and it is beautiful work - as is all of it in the book. But, do NOT attempt to make a gelatin plate the way she tells you in the book. Ask me how I know.