Monday, May 07, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun

Yesterday we began an early Mothers Day celebration. C and I joined up with a group of birdwatchers in Midtown Atlanta's Piedmont Park at 8:00. There weren't a whole lot of our feathered friends to be seen - a few migrating warblers, some lovely red-headed woodpeckers, and the other usual suspects. Kristin and Dave joined up with us in the early afternoon to take in the Braves/Dodgers game at the "Ted". It was a great game, especially because our Braves ultimately pulled out a win! We took both Barker and K & D's dog, Marley, for a long walk from their house to Grant Park and back. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon and evening and we weren't in any hurry to get ourselves inside. After wine and cheese on their porch, we enjoyed a lovely dinner which included lamb chops grilled to perfection by our handsome and talented son-in-law.

C and I did some shopping around town this morning and then headed south to Jonesboro. He had read many great reviews of this Mexican restaurant and just had to try it.

We had never heard of this Mexican delight:

C and I are hoping that my sister-in-law Carol will translate to us. Basically it's a large flour tortilla covered with refried beans, Mexican cheese, avocados, radishes, tomatoes, and jalapenos. C opted for chorizo on top of all of that! Yikes, it was HOT!!! But it was also yummy! MMMMM Here's how my half looked:

Then we departed for the wetlands area to do a bit of birding. This is a lovely spot for a walk, even when there are no birds. Over the years, we have become friendly with the director, so it is always nice to drop in, say hello, and find out what's new with her and the center.

I'll share just a few photos:

Couldn't believe that this next one came out so clearly!:

There were tons of "sliders" out sunning themselves on logs this afternoon:

After we'd done all the damage we could do there, we headed back north to Little Five Points, so that I could check out some new sandals at Abbadabbas. Here's what I got:
I used to have quite lovely feet, if I do say so myself. The years have taken their toll, and also the years of barefootedness! These footers are now almost as wide as they are long! EEEKS!! But I do love these new shoes!! If you look ever so closely you'll notice a bit of blue dye still hanging on to my left big toenail.


Gerrie said...

I’m tagging you.
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Nice toes!! The avodaco is screaming to me.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I also used to have nice feet but mine is just like yours, almost as wide as long. I had about the same picture on my feets at my blog a while ago =)

Anonymous said...

OK, I have a student from Oaxaca here with me. She says a tlayuda is exactly what the menu in the restaurant says it is: a large, thick corn tortilla with beans, cheese, tomato, avocado and sometimes meat, as we can see in the photo. Oaxaca is a state in Mexico which is currently considered off limits for tourists because there's been an at times violent teacher's strike there for about a year, but it's a beautiful place to visit otherwise. Oaxaca cheese (queso oaxaqueño) is sort of like Italian string cheese in that when it melts it turns into a rubber band. Cheers, the sister-in-law from Mexico