Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seven Deep Dark Secrets Revealed

I've been overwhelmed this week and am just now beginning to get back to my life. We celebrated my Mom's 90th birthday today....can you imagine 90 years???? YIKES!!! We had a luncheon here at the house with a few of her favorite friends joining in the festivities. Mom wasn't feeling quite up to par, so we took her "home" shortly after lunch. Here's a pic of me and Mom...before the champagne!

Well, I never get picked for anything, and I've been tagged by two of my cyber buddies on consecutive days to reveal seven things about myself that you all don't know. I hope that I can combine the tags, reveal only seven secrets, and tag just seven more. Is that OK with you guys? I apologize for being so darned late with this, but as I said, I've been soo overwhelmed!!
So here goes, are you ready?

1. I was born a "Siamese twin". I feel so fortunate to be alive.

2. For my 10th birthday, my very indulgent parents gave me flying lessons. I was a real admirer of Amelia Earhart and had been bitten by the flying bug at an extremely early age.

3. I ran away from home at the age of 12, joining the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Originally they were interested in me because I had been a Siamese Twin, but then when they discovered my abilities as a sword swallower, I became an even more attractive commodity to B&B. I stayed with them until I was 15, and then returned home to my adoring parents.

4. I graduated first in my high school class, and then Radcliffe and finally Harvard Medical School. My practice in Pediatric Neurosurgery has taken a backseat, now that I have discovered art quilting and fabric dyeing.

5. I met the "love of my life" while visiting a girlfriend in California. I had just turned twenty and this trip was a birthday present from my parents. My love and I married four months later, and "they said" (who are those "they" people anyway) it would never last. We will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary in November. So there! Nanny nanny boo boo!

6. Surprisingly enough, as I mature I find that leaving home whether it be on errands or a fabulous trip, is painful for me. I procrastinate the packing for journeys, and even when we just are spending the night in Atlanta at our condo. When I'm running errands, I'm always thinking about how nice it would be to be at home.

7. I love to tell stories........especially about myself!!!

Well, there you have it, 7 things you didn't know about me and most I did not know either!!
I am tagging:

my Swedish cousin Eva, Vicki, Pixie, Patsy, Joyce, Elaine, and Karoda.



joyce said...

Hmmm.. Your mother doesn't look like the type that would allow her daughter to run off and join the circus! Happy Birthday to her. 90 is quite a milestone. She looks very youthful and happy
BTW thanks for tagging me. My seven things could never come near yours!

Karoda said...

okay, you had my eyes bugging for a minute there...what can i say, "i'm easy?"

your mother looks fabulous...heck, i'm 46 and i don't think i look as young as she!?!?

Gerrie said...

You are certifiably crazy! Your mom looks wonderful. How wonderful to still have her. I always miss mine when mother's day rolls around.

eva hagbjärn said...

Thanks for tagging me. ”Siamese twin” and sword swallower! At first I thought that you were joking around with us!?
Reading your seven things makes me wonder if I have anything on the whole to tell! I’ll try =)

Your mother doesn’t look a day older than she did when she was here some years ago.