Sunday, June 03, 2007


What a great day it was! The opening of my show went off without a hitch and I'm calling it a huge success. Look at all of the folks:

I do believe that my cousin Heather has it right...if you feed them, they will come! She provided some yummy little munchies, and folks just mingled, munched, chatted, and bought!! In the picture above, right smack dab in the middle are Virginia Carver, who is the aesthetic director of the UUFA, where the show was held, and Margaret Aigneur, one of my silk artist idols. I had met Margaret at one of her shows a number of years ago, and I am the proud, proud owner of several of her lovely pieces. When I saw her walking into the show, I almost fainted, but then I was so glad to get a chance to talk with her! What a treat!! Virginia is wearing a jacket that I dyed and embellished for her.

Here is Scott, Heather's husband, and our son-in-law Dave and our daughter Kristin. Scott is wearing a shirt that I batiked for him. Dave and Kristin have just returned from a week at the beach...don't they look tanned and rested!!! I was so pleased that they drove all the way up for the show....this being their last day of freedom before they return to their respective jobs. Thanks, guys!

I see Helen Wilkes in this picture.........she is on the far right. Hi Helen!!! There is a young man in the background checking out one of my dyed and embellished jackets! It sold a few minutes later, as did the leaf piece in back of him.

Heather is in the center here, with her back to us, snapping a couple of pics. She is also wearing one of my jackets, a Christmas gift this past year.

Here's another shot with Virginia and Margaret, sort of in the center.

These folks look like they were enjoying themselves!

I must thank my cousin Heather for encouraging me to exhibit my things in her lovely fellowship. She really knows how to throw a party! I enjoyed meeting so many of the wonderful members of the UUFA and attending their service. I also want to thank Virginia Carver for spending so much time helping me get my act together, so to speak. I was touched that my good friend Ellene Breedlove Davis drove over from Murrayville to see my show, and that our friends John and Troy came too! My "stuff" will hang there in the narthex at the UUFA on Timothy Road in Athens, GA until the end of July, so if you're in the neighborhood and have a minute, stop by!!

I just loved meeting so many people, women and men, who were interested in fiber art!! It was great!!!



Rayna said...

What a turnout!! I think you have a great talent for wearable art - do you actually MAKE those jackets?

joyce said...

You appear to have had a rousing success. It looks like a wonderful venue and your work looks great. Congratulations.

Karoda said...

Judy this is awesome! A great admiring crowd and buyers for your work too! Congrats!

Gerrie said...

Fabulous. I am so proud of you. I am getting a vicarious thrill from your success. And since I haven't had any of my own lately, it feels good!!

Tammy said...

Hi Judy! Lovely blog!!

I am Tammy - the person you are supposed to "send to" for the June Swap at Create a Connection. Would you email me so I can provide you with my address? Thanks!! :)

tdmimms @