Thursday, July 05, 2007


The other day when I posted about my fruit printing, Gerrie said, "You should try artichokes". I told her that I had wanted to, but that the little grocery store where I bought the citrus was artichoke challenged, and so I had to do without. I knew that they would look good, but I just didn't realize that they would look this good:

Thanks, Gerrie!!

Do you like artichokes? I remember the first time I tried one: I had just met C and he was introducing me to all sorts of new foods: avocadoes, artichokes, and all manner of Mexican cuisine. I had led a very sheltered life in Massachusetts, and hadn't the slightest idea that you could actually buy and prepare things like fresh mushrooms and broccoli! I thought they all came frozen in a box or discolored in a can! What about spinach for heaven's sakes!! Of course, you need to cut me some slack because I had just turned 20! My mother, bless her little heart, has never been very adventurous when it comes to food, so she didn't expose me to much in my "formative years". I'd like to think that I've made up for lost time!

But I digress!! The artichoke stamping business was lots of fun...and I managed to capture just the right color as the trim on my everyday "good" chicken plates that I like to use for my casual entertaining, which is certainly not everyday! If you figured that all out, you are brilliant! LOL This is the trial cloth that I was using:

Somebody gave me a couple of bolts of this fabric when I was up at John C. Campbell Folk School this winter, and it is great for trials. It's sort of a cotton gauze. I may put some backing on it and make postcards or card/cards out of it. What do you think? Any ideas????

Not much else new here. I'm preparing to teach a Saturday/Sunday Soy Silk Fusion class at Intown Quilters (blogger still hasn't totally fixed that hyperlink business, so I'll tell you that you can go to in Decatur. You can see some of my samples in the gallery here (

Come on blogger - I know that you're free, but clean up your act!!

Hope you've had a safe and happy July 4th. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!!



joyce said...

THe artichokes do make an amazing print. I too grew up eating plain meat and potatoes with either peas or beans or corn. My mother didn't enjoy cooking or eating new foods. I have made up for lost time since then.

Gerrie said...

I had my first artichoke when Mr C had a job interview in California. The waiter was a hunky, charming young man and taught me how to properly eat one. I have been enjoying them ever since. They are among Mia's favorite foods.

They do make an excellent printing tool.