Sunday, July 08, 2007


The past 24 hours have been so wonderful!!! Gerrie, I must tell you that C and I had a great trip to Trader Joe's, enjoying perhaps the most wonderful Ranier cherries I've ever tasted! Last night we cooked up TJ's mussels in the suggested white wine broth: MMMMMM!!! Yummy!!! And here they are:
Accompanied by a spinach salad, a whole wheat roll and a glass of chardonnay - what more could one want????
I arrived at Intown Quilters early this afternoon, greeted by our lovely pieces of soy silk fusion, eagerly waiting to be prised open from their black netting!
Then, as "my girls" arrived there was an amazing energy that became apparent. We were a group far more than any classroom could describe. There was an energy that I hadn't experienced before. We had become kindred spirits, and it was all about sharing from our personal creative journeys! I loved it!!
Robin shared so much about her classes in beading and her trips to fiber festivals. After a bit of coaxing, Martha talked about her family travel experiences. It could have gone on forever, but then it was time to get on to a bit of "work"!
Here is Tina with her gorgeous soy silk fusion purse:

This picture really doesn't do justice to the way that Tina painstakingly cut and pieced her lovely soy silk fusion. She had carefully included the rose petals, and then she cut her soy silk fusion piece so that she could join it all together with some skillful stitching, and it made a gorgeous clutch purse. I regret that I didn't take more pics of her work.
Miranda had the luxury of living nearby to the quilt shop, so after a bit of demo, she took her piece of soy silk fusion home, sewed as she desired, and returned to our little group to complete the hand stitching! I admire her forethought! She has constructed a 3-part card case for her students to use. It is quite complicated and very, very dear:

This is Martha, a most artistic soul! I was blown away when I saw this piece of hers in the quilt shop...fortunately for me it was AFTER our first day of class, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to teach her!!! I asked her to please share it with our class, and so she did. Here it is:

Martha has appliqued all of the pieces of the beach scene onto the "sand" fabric. It is quite amazing in real life...sorry you are not here to fondle it!!
And here is Martha with her beautiful journal cover, a gift for one of her grand daughters. (ok, I'm challenged here: is it one word with one "d" or two words, or what????)

Once again, the photo doesn't do the piece justice! Martha had stamped fish and leaves (ala seaweed) on this journal, and they all worked so well with the oceanographic soy silk fusion. Great job Martha!

Robin had already wowed us with her bead work and her felting, etc., so I guess she figured she could just kick back and play around with her soy silk fusion! She was in the process of fashioning a pin/broche from a piece of her soy silk fusion. Hey, the sky's the limit!!!

Robin is a very accomplished beader and I was just blown away with her beaded jewelry. Below is a very fuzzy photo of a beaded bracelet she designed:

Chico's needs to discover Robin BIG TIME!!! In the meantime, I am in hopes that Robin will teach me some added beading techniques.

And here is Pat, sewing away on her lovely clutch purse:

Once again, both words and photos do not do justice to the loveliness of Pat's gorgeous piece!

I feel honored to have spent the weekend with this talented group of ladies and to have shared in their creative journey. Thanks again Ladies!


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Gerrie said...

Mmmmm! I love those mussels. Does your TJ's have the new 5 seed almond bars? I did the math and they have 0 Weight Watcher points!

That is some beautiful work that your lovely students created. I love the colors of the silk fusion.