Monday, July 09, 2007

Shrooms 'N' Stars

I was watering my pots of jasmine on the condo patio this morning and was shocked when I looked into my succulent pot:

The mushrooms looked so dainty and almost like paper. Aren't they cool up next to those little succulents?

Here they are in closeup:

I had a slight disaster on the patio this past winter: forgot to take the pot in when it got cold, and of course, lost a couple of rather sensitive succulents, including a large aloe that I had had for several years. So, I have a new baby aloe and another purplish thing that contrasts nicely with its neighbors, especially the new shrooms!

I've long had a love affair with quilts with stars. I thought I'd pretty much gotten away from the run-of-the-mill quilt, but when I saw this pattern in the new Fons and Porter mag, I decided I needed to do it, just to get some order back in my life! Sometimes, but not too often, order is important! So, this afternoon, in between unpacking from my class this past weekend and straightening up, I pieced a few stars:

They're wonky, and that's what appeals most to me....a bit of order, but not a whole heck of a lot! Of course, this isn't how they'll be placed in the quilt, but it worked for photographic purposes!



Maria said...

Hehe, they're not wonky! They are cool!! =)

Gerrie said...

Pieced!? Just don't eat or smoke those shrooms, you will be piecing lucy in the sky with diamonds. :)

Rayna said...

Poison mushrooms? EEEEEK! Deceptively pretty, yes.

joyce said...

We have a lot of mushrooms this year too. It has been so wet and they are everywhere. Love the wonky stars.