Friday, July 13, 2007


Yesterday would have been my Dad's 94th birthday, but he passed away almost 21 years ago. I still miss him, although the pain is no longer there. I can still hear his voice. And I still know exactly what his stand would have been on every issue!

Yesterday we laid Dave's Dad to rest. I know Dave is hurting inside, but what comfort he must have felt from all of his and Kristin's friends who were there at the lovely service.

Dishcharge pictures tomorrow, I promise!



joyce said...

I read somewhere that father-daughter relationships are much more important than the media would have you believe. I think that's very true and feel blessed to have had a good relationship with my Dad. Obviously, you had the same. My sympathy to Dave and his family.

eva h said...

Sad when you think about all our love once who have past away. As you said, you can hear their voices and even see them within yourself.
It’s only 1½ year since my dad past away, but I can think about him as he still is here.

Sending all my love to Dave and Kristin in their hard time.