Thursday, July 12, 2007

Discharging Honorably

Yes, it was a perfect day here in paradise! A cold front went through last night and it was cool and clear and breezy this morning...and very dry! Barker and I walked the golf course early and so I was prepared to get on with Chapter II of discharging. WooHoo!!! I went downstairs to get my thickening solution out of the fridge and was met by this:

I know some of you have seen this before in your very own refrigerators, but I had not experienced such a site! Yegads!!! I photographed it for your viewing pleasure only and then disposed of it immediately.

Here are my pieces as I worked on them.....they were just beginning to react and hadn't been ironed or'll see those photos when I next blog.

This is a piece of hand dye that I used to hate, so I was excited to attack it with the discharge paste. However, when I looked at it again, I was having trouble following through. Somehow, like an animal at the pound, it was crying out to be to saved as is (or in this case, as was):

I thought I'd try painting the paste on my favorite Christmas Ferns and then brayering them onto the fabric. Then I got out one of my syringes and did a bit of squiggling around with it. I also added some brayered and discharged oak leaves. Here it is while drying on the lawn:

Next (which actually was last, but we'll call it next here) was my black Dharma tee from the other day. I discharged with more of the big-bubble bubble wrap, and added a bit of gold disperse dye to it (actually it was already on the bubble wrap). The gold showed up immediately and I was in love!!!

I'm not exactly sure about this piece, but it was reacting quickly:

One of my all-time faves: bubble wrap on a blue hand was turning purple under the discharge paste:

Another favorite. This one is a piece of sponge dipped in both discharge paste and silver fabric paint.

So, stay tuned for my next post, so we can all view the results!!!



joyce said...

I am waiting with bated breath, having had some discharging adventures of my own recently. We only had plain javex though so there was nothing very exciting. Yours look amazing already.

Gerrie said...

I love the reveal. Can't wait to see. My good thoughts fo your Mom - it must be difficult to have changes and lose conrol over your lot in life. You are such a godd and caring duaghter!!