Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sad News

We had word this afternoon that our son-in-law Dave's Dad passed away last evening. What a shock to us all. C and I didn't know Ron that well, but we always enjoyed spending time with him and will miss him. Our heart goes out to Dave and his sister Rebecca and brother Rob during this sad, sad time.
I had a "free" day today and so wanted to try out some new techiniques. I had ordered some Thiox from Dharma and was pleased that it had arrived over the weekend. Of course, I had misplaced my discharging formula, courtesy of Rayna, so had to frantically email her for a little refresher. And when I didn't hear from her in two seconds, I emailed Gerrie. She was out walking her dog! (where are these friends of mine in my hour of need????), so I had to go through slogs and slogs of emails to find Rayna's recipe. Then they both emailed me while I was in the middle of the discharging! Go figure! LOL
So here is my first piece:

I like it, but want much more dramatic effects, so will try again when time allows, to see what I can do. I also want to try using some of my hand-dyes, as my buddies do!

I also tried my hand at some inkjet transparencies. My wonderful Swedish cousin Eva has been so generous to share many, many pictures of my mother as she was growing up. Strange, isn't it, that I have to resort to Sweden to get pictures of my American mother!! Mom just isn't very sentimental and NEVER saved a thing, so when her mother passed away, Mom threw everything away (quilts and all GASP!!!). Eva, has uncovered many old letters from my grandmother to her family in Sweden, and you may recall the wonderful book that she compiled and sent to me last year. She has also sent me a dvd with copies of the letters and photos. So, this morning, I got busy copying pictures, adjusting them for inket transparencies, and then printing them. What fun!!! Here is Mom as a very little girl:

I seem to have cut off the top of her head and her feet, but don't worry, I'll get better!
And last but not least, two more wonky stars:
I figure if I do two a day, they will get done pretty quickly, I'll get better at the technique, and they won't be such drudgery! So, bear with me on this!!!

Blogger was being bad again about posting pictures (don't know about the hyperlinks yet!), so you may find some extrra added spacing here. I do apologize...........but Blogger's FREE!!!


Eva Hagbjärn said...

It’s always sad when people you are related or have some connection to dies, but that’s unfortunately the way we all have to go some day.
Two things in life are for sure, birth and death.
It was my dad’s birthday yesterday, the 10th of July, he would have been 83.
Any day, hour, minute or second now I will be a grandmother again. The baby is expected to the 14th, and its 95 % chance that it will be a boy.

Please send my love to Dave and Kristin.

Thank you for all your kind words about me =)
Will be interesting to see the result of your inkjet transparencies of the old pictures and letters.

joyce said...

Sorry to hear your sad news. I have tried discharging with Javex but I want to give Thiox a try. It looks like you'd have more control with it. Throwing out QUILTS??? Wow. I can't imagine that.

Gerrie said...

So sorry to hear of Dave's loss. You continue to have so much fun playing. Isn't life great, in the studio, that is.

Jeannie said...

I am so sorry to hear of Dave and Kristin's loss. My heart goes out to them and their family. Your discharge experiments are great. Keep playing!

Diane said...

How sad to hear of Dave and Kristin's loss. I will keep them in my thoughts.

Your discharge is neat looking and I adore the inkjet pictures of MOM!