Saturday, August 18, 2007

2 Days in Heaven

I've just completed two wonderful days of classes with

and I feel like this
It was so much fun, and I learned a tremendous amount, but most of all I've come away with a feeling of being liberated!
Yesterday's class was billed as making 6 quilts in one daunting is that! After lunch and a quick "quiz", we were begging for mercy, so Pamela relented and did some critiqueing of our work. Then we were up for one more quilt (so we made 5 total) before going home. Today we got to do "It's My Quilt"....and boy was that fun and interesting!
This is my table and some of my tablemates this afternoon, with Pamela cracking the whip at the head of the table.

Here are the results of yesterday's post lunch pop quiz:

Pamela instructed us to switch seats and tables with our classmates and in fifteen minutes we had to construct a small quilt with a bird in it. What fun!!! I'm a real bird lover and spend a lot of time watching birds, but do you think I could cut one out in any way shape or form? Lordy, was that a challenge for me!!! When the time was up, we made a small wall quilt with all of our new quiltlets.

Here is the first piece that I did yesterday. It had to be in all black and whites, with shade gradations. I was nervous as all get out, stressed by all of the Atlanta morning rush hour traffic on my way to class, and then even more on edge when I realized that Pamela and my classmates would be critiqueing each piece. After the initial few seconds, i didn't mind a bit, and then craved each critique session that we had, because everyone was so kind, complimentary, and had such great suggestions.

If you get the chance, treat yourself to as many days of classes with Pamela Allen as your calendar and pocketbook will allow!



Diane said...

What fun! Just color me jealous!!

Karen Hall said...

How wonderful - your two days of classes sounds love the picture of the way you feel! So much joy
kind regards karen

Karen Hall said...

opps sorry left a word out - your two days of classes sound great etc

joyce said...

Your classes sound like a lot of fun. We don't get many well-known quilt artists up here and although there are many quilters living here, they are pretty well all very traditional. I really like the black and white piece.

Deb said...

Did you stay for the lecture on Friday night? I was there and think I recognize your B&W piece from the design wall by the stairs. It looks like it was a good time.

Gerrie said...

Woohoo! You were liberated! Isn't Pamela so enpowering? I have never taken a class, but she always has wonderful comments to say about my work when I post a link on QA. I love her stuff. I was amazed at how huge her quilts are when I saw some in person.

david santos said...

Very good, Judy. But very work, no?
Thank you

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I'm glad that you had a wonderful and fruitful weekend. Hope you will get many more in the future because you worth it.
xo Eva

Heidi Miracle-McMahill said...

Hi Judy!

I didn't realize that you were the same Judy that had previously commented on my blog when I met you in class last week! Email me so we can "chat" without doing it in our comment fields.

Wasn't Pamela a blast!!! I had so much fun and enjoyed everyone's company. I really like your self portrait!