Friday, August 03, 2007

On the Road Again

As we were departing Pittsburgh yesterday morning, I couldn't help but take one more bridge picture, especially after the horrific bridge collapse in Minneapolis-St. Paul. My heart goes out to the poor families who lost loved ones in that accident. I have had a fear of bridges all my life, and finally thought that I was overcoming it, only to see and read so much about that accident.

We were stopped for a lot of road construction over the past few days, and yesterday I took a few wildflower pics:
lovely Queen Anne's Lace

And then we passed the exit to Diane's little town:
And the next thing we knew, we were in New York:
It's funny how I always think of New York as "the city", when actually there is so much beautiful countryside:

And what was I reading, aside from the map?

After arriving at our hotel in Albany, we walked to dinner at Lombardo's, an old favorite of C's from his flying days. It was yummy...and nice to be out and walking around! No ballgame...we were too worn out!



Gerrie said...

We lived in Schenectady for 10 years - lots of memories there. I am sure we have eaten at Lombardo's.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

It’s very interesting to follow your journey to New Hampshire through your pictures and telling. Waiting for more =)
They have shown a lot about the bridge collapse accident in the Swedish media too. How scary!
I don’t have any fear of bridges. High heights are my big fear in life. I can’t even enter a small step ladder (the one you perhaps have inside your house so you for example can reach up in the kitchen cupboards) before I get dizzy :-/