Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thunderin' Thursday

As you all may or may not know, here in the southeast we've been suffering with high temps and relatively low humidity, and NO rain for most of the summer. Our friends Joe and Sue are out of town and asked us to water their plants this week. We had about 1/4" of rain on Sunday, so I held off until yesterday and went over yesterday afternoon to do my watering. Everything looked good, but I watered anyway, and then we had a few pitiful sprinkles in the evening. This morning was overcast and very, very muggy. Barker and I walked, had breakfast and then I got busy making a little purse to take into the Quinlan Art Center's Gift Shop. They have been selling my hand-dyed silk scarves for a couple of years, and want to carry my little Sowz Earz purses now too! Just as soon as I put the finishing stitches in this little bag, the heavens let loose!

Poor Barker is terrified of thunder, so he was cowering everywhere. If I had been wearing a skirt, he'd have been under it, I swear! Poor guy!!! I have also been doing some more Complex Cloth exercises out in my studio, so I had to brave the thunder, lightening, and deluge to go close up shop and rescue my one last piece of dyed silk.

So, here's the back of this little Sowz Earz:

And for those of you who want to see the lining, here it is:

Normally I only free motion quilt the top layer, but this time I decided to quilt the lining too. I think I like it.....a lot. As you may or may not be able to see, there is a little magnetic closure. There are also two inner pockets for credit cards and a few $$$$.

Hope you've had a great day!



Gerrie said...

During our years in NC, I suffered terribly from thunder storms. We were so close to the ocean that the atmosphere created it's own weather by the afternoon and thunder storms were a regular occurance. I hate them. One time a lightning strike blew out every thing plugged in to the computer area of my kitchen.

I love the quilted lining.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Like you Sowz Earz. Hope you get well payed for all your work and all the nice things you do =)

(What does those words means, sowz and earz? Sow and ear I know about).

joyce said...

What cute little bags. I hope everyone survived the thunder storm and I guess you didn't have to water again!