Thursday, October 18, 2007

All in a Day's Work

I began work on the lining of draperies for my dressing room window the other day. Actually, this is a practice piece for something that I intend to create over the next few months, so rather than put a piece of blah white fabric on the lining, I decided it was a blank canvas that was begging for some work. Here are some of the results....actually, more complex cloth:

I cut this fabric up into sections (only a quilter would cut up perfectly good fabric and then sew it back together again!), pleated it, painted it with Procion MX dyes, washed it, removed the gathering threads, ironed it, sewed the sections back together, stamped it with thickened Procion MX dyes (first with leaves and then with the square-in-a-square stamp), and then sprayed it with a fine mist of the blue dye.
I really like how it turned out....certainly not your mother's drapery lining!! LOL

Remember that volunteer tomato plant that showed up in my daylily garden in August? Well, look what I added to my salad this noon:

If you think you see water droplets on the tomato plant, you are correct! Yes, it rained again today!! Yehaw!!!!! And as you can see, we should have plenty more little grape tomatoes before Thanksgiving:

Here are just a few of the many shots I snapped of our Sleepytime Boy last night:

As you can see in the first Barker shot, he never totally lost the scar from his Springtime fling with the Copperhead. But he's still just as sweet as can be, and we love him dearly!!



Gerrie said...

Love the drapery lining. You are addicted, my dear.

I just realized that I missed Karen's segment of Artbeat tonight. But you can watch it from the website. Go here:

joyce said...

Great idea to use the lining as a practise piece. It looks great.

Anonymous said...

dear, dear, judy--dont you know that you dont have to go to all that trouble to get a lined drapery? just go to penny's and buy a drapery with a lining already in it!!!!! (i love your work, you know that!) sheila

eva said...

I hope the small tomatoes tasted sweet and good.
Barker looks so calm and satisfied.
Hope he never meat a snake like that (in that way anyhow) again.