Sunday, November 04, 2007

Being Gifted

This is our anniversary month....37 years, to be exact....and C has gifted me with what I would consider to be the ultimate:

No, it's not a sports car or a huge diamond ring, but a shiny new rocket steamer! WooHoo! It actually arrived last week right before our Boy Choir guests did, so I didn't have a chance to try it out until this afternoon. I was only running two small pieces through, so I had removed the upper portion before I took this picture. I just love it....and love that I can use it out in my studio and keep my kitchen stovetop free for other things (not cooking, so I'm not sure what! LOL).

When we were with K & D this weekend, they kept telling us how big their puppy Tucker had grown, so we had to go take a peek at our little granddog. He is now taller than Marley, his big brother, but I doubt that he'll ever be as big or tall as his uncle Barker. Here he is lounging on his deck:

I think he looks like Lord of the Jungle in this pose:

and here he was just a little over a month ago at our house:

I've been playing around with some more techniques on silk. Here I've used some Shiva paintsticks and, a few days later, some acid dyes and soy wax:

I like the results and have a definite plan for this piece!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Happy anniversary and congrats to the steamer (have no idea how it will be used ;-)
Tucker looks like he's very satisfied and happy. Now you can see more and more that there's a part of German Shepherd in him.


PaMdora said...

Since I don't know much about dyeing silk, I'm assuming the steamer is for setting dyes? Isn't it great to get presents that you really love -- congrats on the anniversary!

joyce said...

Happy Anniversary. Nice steamer. You wont get all those nearly permanent creases from using smaller pots to steam in. Maybe I'd do more silk painting if I had one of those . Lol. Just my excuse. Love the fabric too. I'll be watching to see what you do with it.

Karen Hall said...

that silk looks lovely - it has such depth

Gerrie said...

C could teach Mr C a few lessons in gifting the surface designer/silk dyer! He would not even know what that lovely piece of equipment is!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't publish the other night, so...Happy Anniversary! Ours is in November, too. SO...both husbands have July birthdays, we have anniversaries in Nov. Maybe I will change my birthday!!