Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December, Is It???

With temps in the mid to upper 70s for the past few days, it is a challenge to get into the Christmas spirit. Normally I am cutting fresh greenery for our mailbox and indoor decorations by now, but it is too darned hot (and dry) for that. So, I putter around, mistakenly thinking that I have months and months until Christmas! But then I give myself a pep talk and ask myself if it's the decorations that are really important to this holiday?

Are you all decorated up? Are your creches all in place? Is your tree up and are your lights a'blinking? Are your cookies baked? I must confess that my cards are about halfway done, I have not finished shopping, our tree is NOT up, I don't have the first decoration out of mothballs (just a term, not really in mothballs!), BUT I have begun to bake my first cookies! Here is one sheet of my Springerles:

(yes, there are a few that are more than a bit catty-wompus, I know!!) As you may well be aware, Springerles are a three day affair: mixing the dough the first day, cutting the cookies and placing them on a sheet sprinkled with anise seed the second day, and finally baking them in a low, slow oven on the third day. The house already smells of delicious anise! MMMMM Christmas is indeed on its way!!

Here are my kids basking in the sun after lunch this afternoon:

And here is one finished project (for Christmas, no less!):

This is a piece that you may remember from a month or so ago. I had batiked and dyed it in Betsy Sterling Benjamin's wonderful workshop at Pro Chem this past Fall, then I quilted it using sliver. Today I finished off the edges using Terry Grant's fabulous method, which you can read about here. I am so tickled with how easy it was and, more importantly, how great it looks! This little piece is for my Mom, and since she won't be reading my blog I feel it's fairly safe to show you this pic. Now don't anybody go and tell her!!

Which brings me to this little bit of info: I see now from my counter that I have FINALLY reached over 9,000 viewers. WooHoo! While that may seem like a mere triffle to most of my blogosphere buddies, it just tickles me to death!! My sincere wish is to reach 1,000 by Christmas! Now, I'm not going to spend all of my time checking into my blog to count my viewers, but I will try to blog daily so that if you should check in, you will have something to read.........can't guarantee how interesting it will be, but hopefully at least there'll be a pic for you to view. So, please give it a try and help me get over the 1,000 viewer hump! Oh, and LEAVE A COMMENT WHILE YOU'RE AT IT!!! DON'T BE SO DARNED SHY!!!



joyce said...

Your Christmas project is beautiful. I don't do much decorating since the kids are grown up and we'll be celebrating Christmas at one of their houses. I'm not sure how many viewers I have but a lot more than commenters, that's for sure.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Honestly, I’ve not made much Christmas decorations yet and I have for sure not baked. Not a single cake or bun or what ever you might do for Christmas. I don’t think I will either because I shouldn’t eat that kind of “food”.
Next week I will make some “real” food for the Christmas weekend and put it in my freezer. Then perhaps I can sit down and enjoy my Christmas.
Our tradition here in Sweden is that we take the tree indoors the 23rd and decorate it that day. So the tree isn’t decorated yet either.
Congrats to 9 000!


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

Well, since I read your blog every day I might as well help you reaching your goals!!
Christmas in the tropics??
Snow,lots of it!! (artificial of course). Lights, lights, lights, from houses, gardens, veranda's hotels, boats etc. Christmas trees (real ones, imported from whereever)and abundancy in decoration (much glitter and glamour). For my husband and me: a few simple yet stylish decorations (we're from the Netherlands you see), candles, and time to think about all the beauty life has to offer us. I wish you a very wonderful Christmas!!
Thank you for your lovely posts,

best regards,

St. Maarten (DWI)

Exuberant Color said...

Yes aren't comments nice, and so few people leave them. I have a few decorations out, and lots of baking done. I haven't shopped yet though.
Your batik/dyed piece is beautiful.

Karen Hall said...

I am not ready for Christmas at all!
9,000 + viewers - well cool, well done Judy

Judy said...

I don't like to leave comments on my own blog, but I wanted to say hello to Regina and thank her for leaving such a wonderful comment. Guess I can do that when I blog later tonight! Hmmmmm! What a concept!!

Nellie's Needles said...

The scarf is lovely.
The only goody I've made is chocolate mice for some of my friends here ... there'll be another batch made when I get to Chicago. Otherwise, just a bit of decorating as a prelude to full out festivities with our two young families up north.

Gerrie said...

Hi, Judy! I am jealous of your weather, but coping in the NW! That silk piece is gorgeous.

English Maestra said...

judy--wish i had set my "counter" when i started blogging. too late now i guess. christmas trees and lights are up in Pto Vallarta but no christmas carols blasting from every store and mall! that part is kinda nice! this year: no tree or decorations for us since i wont get home until the 20th. we'll enjoy the ones at our kids! keep up the good work.