Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I sincerely want to thank everyone who viewed and left comments on my last post. I loved meeting Regina from St. Maarten and Wanda from Illinois. Thanks for leaving your first comments. I always love hearing from my regular blogging buddies who I have grown to feel are genuine friends: Joyce, Eva, Karen, Nellie, and Gerrie (who's had a busy day, so is forgiven for not coming to call! LOL).

Here are a couple of pictures of rusty metal pieces that were hanging in our room at Snowbird last week:

I was really quite taken by them and thought how easily one could make similar pieces with Solvy...........just a thought to toss out there. It won't get done before Christmas, but maybe something to do on a quiet day in '08, if there is such a thing as a quiet day!

After running errands, swimming and visiting my Mom, I settled into the Christmas Cards for a while.......and then I had a bit of play time out in the studio. A week or so ago when I was plugging in my new steamer to run a few scarves, I lost some power. After checking the circuit breakers and finding that none had popped, I thought I'd need to call an electrician. C checked things out, reset the breakers, and still some of my lights wouldn't work. Well, this afternoon, I discovered that I had popped a reset button on an outlet by my washing machine! AHA: Let there be light!!! So I saved myself some money and it was very enlightening. Needless to say, the steamer doesn't get plugged in over there anymore!!

We really enjoy our Wednesday night dinners at our church. During Advent the Adult Christian Ed Committee knocks itself out and has a special after-dinner program called the Candlelight Cafe. Kristi, our caterer, prepares extra special tastey treats for dinner, plus tons of coffees, teas and desserts, and the tables are set just beautifully. Tonight we had a wine cool, eh?!!! I met a wonderful new friend tonight who is a knitter, spinner, and also dyes her own wool. She is going to help me with some of my knitting woes, and I hope that I can offer her lots and lots of studio time here.

This is our church steeple, with our almost new bells: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John:



joyce said...

I'm surprised that you resisted wrapping a bit of fabric around those rusty pieces while you were there!

Diane said...

I bet you took a photo, and will cut a stencil! (?)

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Good idea Diane!
That's what I would have done =)))))
xo Eva