Saturday, December 29, 2007

Is it Saturday??????

I don't know about you, but these midweek holidays always throw me for a loop! But the calendar tells me it is Saturday December 29th 2007, so I will believe it and get on with life as I know it. And I guess I'd better get started, as we are having a few folks in later today as a post Boxing Day get together. We used to have family and a few friends over on Boxing Day because Christmas Day was just too hectic. Now, the celebration has become a moveable feast and much less formal. We invite a few friends and just enjoy one another's company over a few dishes and a bit of wine. Even I get to enjoy this kind of entertaining!

As I told you a week or so ago, our Wednesday night after dinner program at church had included some cooking and flower arranging. Yesterday was quite dismal and fairly rainy here, but late in the afternoon between the raindrops, I managed to go out and clip some foliage. We are blessed with some lovely greenery in our yard, and "reddery" too. I attempted to do as John had instructed in the flower arranging segment of the program, and I was quite impressed with my results:

Of course, the pic shows that the arrangement is a bit catty-wompus, but what did you expect from me? I surely did not want to disappoint you! HA!!! Anyway, I am fairly pleased and will not shy away from attempting this again sometime. The table runner is a beautiful linen and cotton one that my sister-in-law Molly gave me for Christmas. I do love it!

Remember all of the wonderful fabric and rusty relics that our friend Robin gave me a few weeks back? Well, I've been playing around with them in my spare time. Here is my first piece:

The light was not the best when I took the picture this morning, but you can get the general idea. I've been playing around with different photo transfer techniques and still haven't found the one that really suits me best. In this one, I've dyed a piece of organza with coffee, then ironed the organza to freezer paper and run it through my copier. The best part about this technique is that whenever the dyed organza gets warm, it smells like coffee!

Now I do need to go get my butt in gear as it is Saturday and guests will be arriving later in the day!!!



joyce said...

Good job on the flower arrangement. That's one thing I am terrible at. Just no patience for it. smell from the printer. Sounds good. I like what you've done so far. Interesting.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

The flower arrangement is just lovely.
You're good at many things.
Hope to see pictures from your "party" some of these days ;-)


Rayna said...

Good grief - another talent emerges!
Nice flower arrangement, Judy. Hope you are enjoying playing hostess.
Have a happy New Year!