Sunday, January 06, 2008


C and I went to our favorite Highland Bakery/Cafe for breakfast this morning: YUMMMMM! Thanks guys for another fabulous feast! No pics today, 'cuz they'd have to be repeats of our last meal there! As we walked back to our car, we noticed all of the broken glass (evidence of parked car windows having been smashed at night). This reminds me of being at the beach, but it's right next to my car door:

I love a big mug of hot milk with a bit of flavoring in it before I hit the hay. Here's my newest mug:

And last but not least, the FREE FRIDGE FOTOS you've all been waiting to see! This is Frieda Fridge from the outside:

Here's the old Free Frieda Fridge before her makeover:

And voila, the new Free Frieda Fridge in her temporary home in my studio:

This is her temporary home because when our old kitchen cabinets are removed, many will reside in my studio, so Free Frieda Fridge will have a new home! She cleaned up rather nicely, don't you think?



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Wow, what a difference before and after the cleaning of the fridge!
What a good find you have made!


Gerrie said...

You have received a "You Make My Day" award from me. Check my blog for details.

Joyce said...

You did a great cleaning job. Wanna come and have a go at my fridge??