Thursday, February 28, 2008

One Down, One to go....AND MORE!

We closed the sale of our present Midtown condo yesterday afternoon. So for the next couple of weeks we will be renting from Douglas, the new owner, while the present owners of our new condo find a home and prepare to move. That closing is set for March 10th, the our actual move to follow on the 15th.

We had a celebratory glass of dark ale with our realtor Michael at Silk, which is on the ground floor of our new condo building, then walked over to Mitra for a fabulous dinner. We shared the Chef's Choice Appetizer plate and a Hearts of romaine salad with Chipotle lime Caesar dressing. C enjoyed their surf and turf entree, while I had mustard encrusted lamb chops. MMMMMMM!

I had hoped to post kitchen pics this morning, but left my camera cable at home. Speaking of which, we are hurrying home as the cabinets are being installed this morning! WooHoo!!!!
I will close with the picture of my I just love it!!!!

I posted the above earlier this morning, and now we are home again, after loading our new tile in the back of the Tahoe on our drive back to Gainesville. We found lots going on at home:
the cabinet installers are here and working away, and the tilemen are here, putting down the wonderboard. This is all very exciting to me!

Here is one of my pictures from yesterday afternoon:

Bill is hammering down the plywood flooring. The windows look out on the pool patio and an ugly old arbor that was pretty well covered in Confederate Jasmine. We both hated the arbor, as it blocked the view of the pool and my perennial garden beyond, not to mention our new and improved fence! So, since we've been in the demo mode, we asked Pat and his crew to remove it and build us a more sightly version. Here it is coming down:

Below you can see the beginnings of our new kitchen with the cabinets being installed. This is essentially what we saw when we walked in this morning:

This is how that wall looked yesterday, with Pat our contractor supervising the plywood floor installation:

The island will go in I need to go take more pictures!!!



Carol said...

That granite is so amazing. You could look into it forever and see new pictures every time. I'm fascinated by your kitchen - must be a voyeur at heart. Carol XO

Gerrie said...

Love the cabinets, but I think I had them in my last two houses so of course I love them I no have glas fronts. I should keep neater storage, but I can't keep up with it.