Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Escape Artist

Please pardon me for blogging twice (or is it three times?) today, but I just had to do it! Actually, while I was folding some laundry this evening I was thinking about how I escape to my dyeing studio at the end of the day (of kitchen reno) to dye a few things, so I am "the escape artist". LOL Maybe I'll have to start another blog with that name, or should I trademark it and change my company name from Silk Sorbet to The Escape Artist? I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this name, but I do think it's clever. My dyeing studio has become my therapy after all of the banging and sawing and decision-making in the kitchen arena.

So, I'll show you a few pieces that I completed today and then I'll show you what the guys completed today.

My work:

The above piece is the long sleeved tee that I had blogged about the other day. I've added some more discharging with turquoise dye added to the discharge paste, I've stamped it, and then I sort of haphazardly folded it vertically and sprayed it with turquoise dye. I am really pleased with the outcome, and hope to get you a better picture sometime during this lifetime!

This next piece is a child's tee that I first did a bit of low immersion dyeing on, then discharged the lines and some insect stampings. I had thought that that would be enough!

However I decided it needed more, so I did some printing with some Nandina leaves off of a plant just outside of my studio door. I love the effect! Here are a couple of closeups:

The following is the old red tank top that I had discharged several months ago, then I screened/discharged the lines down the front. I came back in the other evening and sprayed some blue polka dotted circles on it.

This next piece is a beloved white workout tank that I have worn until it is a virtual rag! I've been overdyeing and discharging on it for a few months now. Unfortunately the other afternoon I decided it needed to have those cutesy little bees discharge/stamped across the front in a clear diagonal.....
what was I thinking????

Other than the bee stamps, I thought it was pretty cool!

Below is a little girls' romper that I dyed yellow, soy wax batiked, dyed blue, then sprayed with some turquoise:
This one is not as ugly as it appears here, but it needs one more thing....
what would you do next???

And here's what they did today:

This picture faces the guest room, looking from the dining room door. The openings, going from right to left are for the fridge, the gas range and hood, and the wall oven. There will be reeded glass on the open cabinet fronts and my beloved granite on the backsplash. Molly, is this at all like you envisioned it to be?? Remember that day that we planned it all out???

The pic below faces the diningroom, with the wall knocked down. I can now see that there are a couple of electrical outlets that need to be moved, but all in all, I am so pleased with the way things are going!

Here is the island, looking towards the diningroom:

The dishwasher will be in that gaping hole, and then the double sink, and then the trash and recycling, yada, yada, yada. There will be granite over those liitle backsplash cubbyholes! I placed the dishwasher where I did so that there would be a countertop opposite the fridge, and also the dishwasher would not be opening into the wall oven. There are so many things to consider in a kitchen!!!

So, I promise, this is the last blog for the day!!!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Everything just looks so nice and beautiful when it comes to your dying. I like the little children t-shirt the most, both the pattern and the colors. It’s kind of “my” colors ;-)
Now we can, more and more, imagine how your kitchen will look like when it’s all finished.
Looking really good so far!

Kram/ Eva

Karen Hall said...

it's all looking so nice ... the work and the kitchen!

Gerrie said...

I think that little romper is just perfect, as is. And, I am loving the red pieces that you dyed. I need to pull out some tired t-shirts and fix them up.

Rayna said...

Yummy kitchen - I can't wait to see it finished. I also have a couple of outlets to move - but that's another story. Love the counter backsplash cubby holes - mine are at the other end of the kitchen: do you think it will help us be organized?