Saturday, April 19, 2008

City Livin'

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so today's blog post will mainly be a photographic journey through our past three days in Atlanta.

New summer Steve Madden shoes for me:

new summer Keds for easy livin':

Spring flowers along our favorite Midtown neighborhood walk:

Cross Vine along the Tuscany fence:

Johnny Jump-Ups at the front door of the Metropolis:

a stately iris on Penn:

Spiderwort (Tradescantia - what a cool name!) on Penn:

Wisteria on Myrtle:

Beautiful azaleas are everywhere:

and Vinca Major runs rampant along the sidewalks:

A few of my favorite homes:

We watched with interest last summer as this home was scraped and repainted lovingly by its owners. New flowers were planted in pots on the front porch. We've enjoyed its progress. Then this week as we walked by, we noticed that something was quite wrong:

We're not sure exactly what happened, but it seems that it has come off of its foundation or something:
I am very sad for the house, but doubly sad for its owners, who had taken so much pride in fixing it up.
This morning as we walked by, the demo crew was there. I suspect this house won't be there next time we walk our favorite walk.

A wonderful hood ornament on this chartreuse car:

Last night we went to the Braves/Dodgers game:

Our Braves won 6-1. It was nice to see our old favorite Andruw Jones, although in a Dodgers uniform. Chipper Jones hit two homeruns, which added to the excitement. It was also Fireworks Friday, so we enjoyed the post game entertainment as well.

One sock finished:



Carol said...

Lovely to be back at my computer to catch up with your posts for the past week. Spring looks just beautiful in Atlanta, and I agree about chartreuse being the colour of spring, not that we see much of it here at the beach. Those were sad pics of the house that has to be demolished, I really feel for those people and I wonder what could have happened to make it collapse. Happy birthday to K, and you DON'T look old enough. XO

Gerrie said...

Love the shoes since I am currently sporting more orthopedic versions. I always envy the good times you have in Atlanta. I heard that the weather was wonderful today - from one of my SDA reps.

Barbara said...

Thanks for a wonderful pictoral journey. Spring is just starting for us up in MA. Today was one of our warmest days. Looks like spring is in full tilt in Atlanta! Happy Spring!