Sunday, May 18, 2008

and it was good!

In spite of my ongoing battle with the pollen and my sinuses, yesterday was a very good day! I spent a lovely hour or more in the flower garden, just puttering! Isn't this a gorgeous amaryllis:

Every year I buy several bulbs in the fall, we enjoy them over the holidays and then I plant them in my perennial bed in the spring, so we enjoy them year after year.

My foxgloves are just stupendous this year, and the False Indigo is about at its peak:

Sorry if I bore you with these photos, but I just cannot get enough of my spring flowers!

I also had some free studio time in the afternoon. I had been tinkering with new color combos and decided that this scarlet red would liven up the very dull background:

I ended up liking the results so much that I've kept this shirt for myself! Today was our church's picnic, so I wore the new tee and received many compliments.

Here's another, which is a special order for a client who wanted 'bright':

I'm trying out a new brand of tees. This is a size medium, but after washing, it appears to be a small to me. I like how the colors came out so muted. Even I can do pastels and muted colors occasionally!

OK, the comments are down, but the viewer numbers are still what is the trouble? Am I boring you guys or what? What would you like to talk about? I feel like I'm doing all the work here.....I know that my family members are viewing too, and even they are not commenting! One of my friends said that she felt like she was being a voyeur when she read my blog, and she didn't want to leave a comment for that reason. Is that the problem? Well, I wouldn't be hanging it all out by writing and posting pictures if I didn't want folks to read and comment now would I?

Blogger is switching over to the RSS feed from Blogarithms tomorrow, so I'm not sure how that is going to affect our lives. I've always felt that change is good, but for some reason the RSS feed makes me uneasy. Hope the transition goes smoothly for all! NOW LEAVE A COMMENT!



Barbara said...

Ok, Ok, Ok I'm guilty of reading and not commenting :)

It is nice to receive a comment now and again.

I love your flowers! I wish that I was better at gardening. I have a hard time deciding what to buy and where to put it when I do! Oh well. I'll keep at it now that I can come and be inspired by you and your flowers.

Love your shirts too! So much talent in one person.

Take care.


Jeannie said...

Guilty as charged. Actually, my brain is fried - it decided to be mid-July here (98) and I finally broke down and turned on the A/C. I wish I could put my spent Amarylis out like you can. Just beautiful, as are the new t-shirts. Have a great week. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Judy, I read your blog every day because I like to hear about what you and your (my) family are up to. I'm not a blogger myself, so I don't know that bloggers expect comments on what appear to be diaries that are published on the Internet for anyone who's interested in reading them. I don't know much about sewing or gardening, so I usually don't respond. To me a blog is sort of like an email I get along with a zillion other people about some joke or important health alert or prayer for peace. I don't answer them because they're not intended solely for me. When I'm the sole recipient, I always answer, like now when I'm in an ongoing discussion with C about the ending of No Country for Old Men. Anyway, I'll try to include here a mass email I got from a friend. I liked it, but I didn't answer it because it was addressed to a long list of other people, too. You may have already seen it. xxoo Carol
P,S. It won't attach. I'll try to send it in another comment.

Anonymous said...

OK, Judy, you got us! Lurk and read; that's all we do. But it is such a well-done blog and I love seeing how your house and gardens look.
I do have a theory on why comments have dropped off. With music going while we read, our senses are already full. We had a speaker at LIFE Society the other day who tried to run background music while she talked and we had to ask her to turn it off. It wasn't drowning her out per se, but it was too hard to take two things in at once--it felt like our attention was divided. Maybe your music fills up the alternate neurons and there are none left to write with.
Molly (Hi Carol!)

Karoda said...

The fox gloves are gooorgeous! And the first 3 tee shirts are cool!

Karoda said...

The fox gloves are gooorgeous! And the first 3 tee shirts are cool!

Carol said...

Hey, I'm not a lurker, I always have something to say to you. I love the music but that's because I like the music you've chosen. If it was jazz I'd hate it and maybe would have trouble keeping on coming back. So please don't do that. I really enjoy sharing your life in this distant way, especially as you have the dream dog (who hasn't managed to infiltrate the photos today I see!) and you love the same things I love. I think commenting is difficult for lots of people because they have to fill in a form if they're not already bloggers on that particular blog place, and that can be a bit threatening. So I get emails from people telling me they enjoy my blog, and I'm very pleased and understanding but I still wish they'd just put a comment on the blog.XXOO

Margarita Korioth said...

I"ve been admiring your t-shirts since the first time you posted them..(althought I didn't leave any comment)I like them very much, they are so happy and playful , the color combinations are great.


Joyce said...

My comments are down too. I think people are busy with gardens etc in the summer and do less blogging. I know I am commenting less often now. I still like reading blogs though. I have a lot of lurkers but that's ok too.
Love the new tee shirts.

Terry said...

Love your blog, love the flowers, love the kitchen, love your new hairdo. Don't love the music. It's not so much that I don't love the music itself, just don't like the way it startles me when I open the blog and my husband, if he's at the other computer reading email always says, "can you turn that OFF?!" Yes, I know I put a lot of music on my blog too, but you have to choose to click to hear it.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I love You, your Tees, your flowers, your garden and your music.

I've had about 35 visitors today, but no one bothered to comment, so welcome to my association =)

Kram Eva

Exuberant Color said...

I love your foxgloves. I have never had any luck growing them. I wish I could put the amaryllis in the ground too but here in IL we have to bring them back in before a frost and sometimes they rebloom, but mostly not. I have 10 of them im my garage right now to set out for the summer.

Anne P said...

Hi Judy -

I continue to be a voyeur. I love your flowers - I've forgotten how early everything blooms in the South. Here in Maine we are just now having things pop out of the ground. I would love to see some of your work in progress - a sort of studio tour - (Do you feel like a celebrity - you should with so many avid bloggy friends!)Have a wonderful week.

Nellie's Needles said...

Me, too ... loving your flowers and tees.