Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'd Rather Be in the Studio

In reading one of my email lists this morning, I found a post from Lesley Riley, whose writing and work I admire greatly. In Lesley's blog, she interviewed Alyson Stanfield about her new book "I'd rather be in the studio", and I not only found the title calling my name, but Alyson's responses to Lesley's questions were also spoke to me.

I'm hoping to win a free copy of Alyson's book, and if you'd like to do so also, please go here.

All that said, I'm heading out to my studio to spend a delightful spring day creating!


1 comment:

Carol said...

Happy, happy creating. Alyson's book resonated with me too. Hope you win a copy. Thanks for the poodle - I like those cards, think I'll subscribe. xxoo