Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So I said to Cindy,

"I need a change!" We discussed things I liked and disliked about my hairdo, and decided it was time to go red and a bit shorter and 'sassier', as Cindy terms it. So, here I am:

Whadayathink? I must tell you that I'm shocked at the old woman who is gazing back at me! Who is she and where did she come from????
Caution: you may not want to click to enlarge this one: the wrinkles will give you a scare!

And here's the update on the
house in Midtown. C and I walked over to the neighborhood Superette last evening and ran into the owner of the home. C asked what had happened and the owner explained that a tree had fallen on his home and totally destroyed it! How awful, huh? So yesterday a demo crew removed the front porch which, according to the owner, was structurally the most dangerous part of the job. Now the remaining building will be razed. Here's how it looked this afternoon:

As you may know, my Mom is confined to a wheelchair these days. She finds a smallish 'purse' very helpful for carrying her cellphone, sunglasses, and a tissue or two. The cord makes it easy to simply hang around her neck, so her hands are free to wheel herself around. I made her a couple new bags for her birthday.

The one above is my favorite. I quilted some of my hand-dyed cottons and then did some foiling on the front and back. The cording is also hand-dyed. The flap has velcro under it, to keep it in place and closed. Below is the second bag, with an antique button closure. I think Mom will like the top bag better.

While I was sewing the other morning, I looked out and there was a pair of Mallards outside on the patio, having visited the bird feeder:

Here is my latest Complexitee, a special order for a new client in West Virginia (don't look Shari!):

I really like how this one turned out. Shari, my client, is a weaver and told me to do whatever I wanted with the tee but she wanted the espresso background and that style tee, so I had a great time playing with it!



Carol said...

Love your new hairdo and the colour. No old woman there. I'm shocked at what happened to that house, hope they had insurance. Bags and tees are wonderful like everything you do,clever girl. Must email you about important dates. OOXX

Joyce said...

It mus t be the mirrors they are making these days because I see an old woman in mine too and I am sure I am no more than a teenager. The hairdo is very nice. It makes me think maybe I should move beyond the long straight that I have had for years.
Love, love the tee shirt.

komodori said...

I love the hair and see only my wise kindhearted, ever youthful friend. I am brokenhearted to see the house in question was one of my very old favorites with the remarkable granite wall. Aggh. Goodbye old friend! (the house not you) Looking forward to seeing you two Sunday. XR

linda stokes said...

Your T shirts are fabulous Judy.