Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do You See What I See?

While walking through our livingroom this morning, I noticed something odd about the trunk of our River Birch:

Taking a closer look, I could see a kitty cat nestled in the middle of the trunks, almost perfectly camouflaged! Not fair! Look what that kitty is looking at:

I know it's only natural, but I can't just sit back and let a cat nab an innocent bird at one of my feeders! So, Barker and I came to the rescue of the unsuspecting birdies and scared the kitty cat away...for now, at least.

I've been working on "Losing Track", a piece that I like very much:

It's time to cut up some discharged fabrics and make something of them! Initially I liked the top 'track' placement best, but now I'm undecided. This was a second choice:

But I think I like this one now:

There's lots more to be done to it, but I'm having fun just moving the tracks around and thinking about what I will quilt into it, and perhaps a few images that I may transfer into it. Stay tuned!

I spent a couple of blissful hours discharging more fabric, working on some yummy samples for a t-shirt client, and finishing up a scarf that I am now madly in love with. By the time C called me in for dinner, it was too late to get any pics.........maybe tomorrow?



Karen Hall said...

I like the third one too.
Looking forward to seeing where you go with this

Joyce said...

I also like the third one. That cat is almost impossible to see. Amazing.

corryna said...

Nice! it has movement. I also like the third one best.