Sunday, June 15, 2008

Midtown Walkabout

Yesterday our friends R & B joined us for what we called a Midtown Walkabout. R had lived in Midtown for many years back in the 60s & 70s, so we thought it would be fun to meander through the neighborhood that he used to call home, and see it all through his eyes and memories. And we were not disappointed!!!

We began the morning buying pastries at the Saturday Green Market at Piedmont Park and then proceeded to Caribou where we enjoyed our almond Danish with a bit of java. MMMM: the iced coffee was delish! We wandered through the park admiring the Noguchi Playscapes, and R recalled the hippie days and Alman Brothers free concerts. We waddled down 10th Street past Grady High, and across Monroe to MetroFresh, in order to take part in Mitchel's Saturday Soup Sale, and to enjoy a bit of a rest under the new
chartreuse awning. Barker enjoyed his cup of cold water. Walking back to the Metropolis via 8th Street, R spotted a few old residences that jogged his memories, and we all enjoyed his tales.

We enjoyed lunch alfresco at the Vortex on Peachtree and then did a bit more sightseeing, and R provided more tales of intrigue. What an interesting life and what exciting times in Midtown!!!

Sadly, our friends departed mid afternoon, but I think they'll return again for more frolics!

Last evening C and I walked up to the High Museum's Rich Theater and viewed "Devil in a Blue Dress" as part of the Don Cheadle series. We walked back 'home', and enjoyed a brew and some wings here while enjoying the last few innings of the Braves/Angels game. (The Braves are actually winning AND winning on the road!! WooHoo!)

Happy Fathers Day to any Fathers who might actually be reading my blog. (Are there any? If so, please raise your hands, be counted, leave a comment and pat yourselves on the back for being such good Dads!) My Dear Dad died in '86, but he left me with several things: my sense of humor; my appreciation of honesty, sincerity and integrity; and of course we cannot forget: my nose!! Thanks Dad!! I miss you!!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Well, Happy Fathers Day to all Dads. We celebrate Fathers Day sometimes in the end of November here in Sweden, so our Dads just have to wait =(
My Dad died 2½ years ago and I think I'm looking more and more like him, the older I get.

Kram Eva

Eva Hagbjärn said...
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Eva Hagbjärn said...

Me again!
What a lovely day you must have had with your 'old' friends.
Wish I also could have been there with you!!

Kram again!!!!

Joyce said...

It's so much fun to walk a neighborhood with someone who knows it well, especially with stops for coffee and pastries. He Father's Day got mixed up with my birthday so it was double the fun. I did think about my Dad who died near this time last year. That Father's Day was not much fun.

Gerrie said...

I always enjoy your Atlanta exploits, especially letting you do the eating for me. I did not get my Dad's nose, thankfully!! I fot my Mom's.

Anonymous said...

How cool to have friends named R and B.
xxoo Carol