Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wunnerful Wennsday

I never finished showing you what I worked on yesterday, so I snapped a few pics this morning to share with you.

Here are some of the discharged samples:

I like them all, but I think the last one is my favorite.

And here is the scarf I told you about:

I ADORE this scarf, even if it is in jewel tones!!! This colorway is a first for me, and came after a request for jewel tones from my cousin Virginia.

In lieu of an after lunch nap, I puttered around with 'Losing Track'. While swimming this morning, I got a little wonkier vision of the tracks running through my brain and so I have attempted to duplicate it here:

Not sure about the trees. But nothing is glued or sewn in place. I've got some ideas for the upper left hand corner, but ran out of time today.

My knitting buddies are coming here tomorrow, so I've been doing a bit of spiffing up. We are having absolutely gorgeous weather: highs in the low 80s, low temp last night in the 50s, and the humidity is low. You gotta love it!!!

And here are a few more shots of my, shall I say, 'orgasmic' scarf:



Joyce said...

Everything you do is so beautiful! The Losing Track one just gets better. I do like the trees on there.

Barbara said...

Hi Judy! Love the new layout of the stairs. It has movement to it somehow. The trees look great as well. How will you use the final product? Just wondering.


Gerrie said...

Love that scarf. I love the track composition, but lose the trees! :) And you didn't even ask!