Thursday, June 05, 2008


Our friend R joined us for a light summer dinner last evening. Little did I know that he would be bearing gifts........but I'm tickled that he was!

R brought me this wonderful copy of a pen and ink that his Dad drew several years ago.

Isn't it lovely! As you may recall, I am a real sucker for chickens! C suggested immediately that we have it framed and hang it at the condo, which is decorated predominantly in black and white..........and so it shall! Thanks R! You're the best and we are truly honored to be counted among your many friends!

As I mentioned, we were having a light summer dinner last night, in deference to our recent (and unending) 90+ temps. C smoked a wonderful chicken on the patio, we roasted sweet potatoes, R brought some yummilicious yeast rolls and I made this terrific Watermelon Salad:

I found the recipe in the latest Cooking Light. If you would like the recipe and don't get Cooking Light, you can find it on my almost forgotten cooking blog. It is scrumptuous.......and you can even eat it for breakfast: ask me how I know!

Other gifts:
You may not recall, but last year we had a killing freeze on Easter Sunday morning, and lost many of the buds on our Spring and early Summer bloomers. My hydrangeas were hit hard, and I missed their beautiful smiling faces last June and July. Here are a few that I caught early this morning:

The last gift, but one that I enjoy greatly all summer, is the Wood Thrush that serenades me as I play in my garden and studio.

You can hear his lovely song here by clicking on the word 'sound' on the menu. I think you will agree that it is truly a gift from God.

Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, I am trying out new headers. I will change them on a weekly basis, so if there is one that you particularly like (or dislike, as the case may possibly be), let me know!!



Gerrie said...

I love watermelon salad. Now, I am hungry and I have an hour before lunch. It is drizzling again and I need to take the Magster for a walk. Boo hoo.

That chicken drawing is just precious.

Anonymous said...

I like the red banner more than the one yesterday, but it looks a bit like a final curtain in that the white figures suggest skeletons! I still prefer your original one with the flowers. Re refreshing salads, a teacher here made and end-of-the-semester contribution of pineapple chunks, lettuce strips and chopped fennel. It was delicious! Nobody could figure out what the fennel was. She had to tell us. xxoo carol

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I also liked the header with the flower, but that was perhaps because I had get use to it.It was sorta you in way ;-)

Kram Eva