Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Scored!

Yesterday when C and I were taking Barker out for a walk at the condo, we spotted this huge piece of plexiglass in the trash collection area. It had been painted in areas on one side and has painter's tape still applied, but the other side is nice and smooth. C knew that I was lusting after this find, but we decided we would take a chance that nobody else would pick it up and wait until this morning to drag it up to the condo: hopefully less people to witness our 'dump-picking', as Saturday mornings are very quiet here! Then due to drizzly conditions and a late night out last night, we overslept! But as you can see, it was still there!

It's far too big to bring home in my car, so I'll have to cut it up and transport it one piece at a time. Lots of monoprinting and stamping will be done with this find!!

While out doing errands yesterday, I dropped by Abadabbas and picked up these lovelies:

My last pair of Keens finally bit the dust, and I am so very pleased that I was able to find some in this terrific melon shade!



True Debreuil said...

My husband got a pair of Keens when we were in Australia and he loves them. I am tempted but haven't seen any in stores around here.

Carol said...

Now that's what I call a score! What a great piece of plexiglass. Hi Judy, I'm still in NZ but have a moment on my host's computer so have caught up with some of your activities. Flying home on Friday and have busy program for next week but will try to blog. If I remember how... Very cold & stormy here, but beautiful scenery. Love to Barker. OOXX

Gerrie said...

I have to keep adding to your trash finds!! I love to tell my friends how you find refrigerators, etc. I can't even find a used microwave at a gaarage sale.

queenopearls said...

Great to find all that plexiglass! Woo HOO! And your Keens.. I have to look for those at where I purchased Mion shoes (similar).
By the way, love your blog!