Monday, June 23, 2008

What the Hail

I'm trying my darnedest to take a short nap each afternoon. C has been a napper most of his life, and he swears by the rejuvenating powers that a short nap can provide. I however normally wake with a headache, so have steered clear of this little break for most of my life. I am currently reading a good book though, and stealing a quick 30 minutes is quite nice...even if my eyes do close for a few minutes. Are you a napper? Care to comment on this??

Yesterday afternoon I got a late start in the nap department, and by the time I was laying down my not-so-weary head, there were rumblings of thunder nearby. Barker wasn't the least bit happy, and kept trying to join me on the bed, which is a no-no in our household. Suddenly the heavens broke loose and I heard rather loud raindrops on our rooftop....but wait: it was hail! We had quite a hailstorm, as you will see in the photos below:

This is our front walkway:

The gutters were so overwhelmed with the hail and the bits of leaf debris that rain and hail was sloshing over the top:

The temp dropped from 86 to 66 in a matter of minutes. Froggy seemed happy enough!

That is leaf debris that is flying through the air, along with the hail. I'm glad I wasn't out on the lake in our canoe!



Vicki W said...

I love a nap when I can get one but I especially love napping during a thunderstorm. That's a perfect nap!

Terry said...

I have relearned the art of the nap since my granddaughter was born. Having a warm baby asleep on your shoulder is the best way to nap! I think the key to preventing the dreaded post-nap headache, is not to sleep too long (20 minutes is good), nor too deeply.

True Debreuil said...

I have all the time in the world to nap but can't manage to fall asleep most of the time. Instead I go to bed really early.

komodori said...

I have to nap about every other day and I am a long napper--an hour---or even better two. This often leaves me feeling guilty but since I don't get to go to bed early it must work out on my Backwards Countdown Clock.
I hope you didn't have any damage. The storn was very intense and specific. You know I'm only four miles or so from you guys but we had no hail---just 1.2" of very welcome rain. Sarah said there wasn't even a sprinkle at her condo in town. Figure!

Gerrie said...

I have to be really really tired to take a nap, like jet lag when changing time zones or very ill. I am a WASP through and through and naps are just not part of the routine!! I would love to be able to embrace this habit, but it does not work for me. Mr C does nap, sometimes while reading the paper after breakfast!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What an awful weather. We have about the same weather here in Sweden, but no hail. It's very windy and the rain is persistent since yesterday =(

I also get a aheadache when I wake up, so I avoid these kind of habits =)

Kram Eva

Anonymous said...

I like your new blog banner and the great photos of your hailstorm. We are now officially in a drought here in northern Mexico and would welcome anything wet (or frozen) at this point. Mexico being siesta land, I don't think I need to say that napping is a way of life here. At school we get an hour and a half for lunch. After I eat, I prop my feet up on a chair in my office, grab a New Yorker and fall asleep almost immediately. It's embarrassing when someone comes to see me. They later tell me, "I came to your office to ask you about the homework but you were asleep." xxoo Carol

jackie said...

I just had a wonderful time perusing your lovely blog! I love all the beautiful fabrics you've altered! And I have added you to my Google Reader list so I can keep updated.

Russ Little said...

Whew! What a storm. It must have looked like the end of the world.

I just took a couple minutes to catch up on some of your posts. Some really great work! "Loosing Track" is really going to be interesting. I love the way the colors are playing together and the texture in the background. Your color palette comes through very clearly. Placed next to the other work that I've seen on your blog it's very true to your style--authentic.

With regard to napping...I can only do it on vacation. At home there's just too much to occupy my time and attention. That said, I think it's a good idea, I just have trouble doing it.

Carol said...

No, not a napper. It makes me grumpy and usually gives me a headache so I'd rather be tired than risk dropping off to sleep in the daytime. You seem to have had a touch of New Zealand weather - except not so cold. I'm trying to get up energy to blog but so far am doing everything but. Family lunch tomorrow and then I'm back at work on Monday, holiday over!

Barbara said...

Love naps!! Wish I could fit them in more often. Like you if I sleep too long I end up with a headache.

Crazy weather! We had a similar storm here. My children were amazed by the hail. The thunder and lightning lasted for such a long time. Very exciting yet this kind of weather always makes me a bit nervous.

Now we're having lots of fog. Love It!