Monday, June 02, 2008

Lookin' Up

While taking Barker for a walk the other afternoon, I just happened to have my camera slung over my shoulder and looked up at our building from the street level:

The balconies form a rather pleasing pattern, don't you think? The funny thing is that when we are on our balcony, we don't have the sense that anyone is even remotely near us. That said, last week an errant fern frond came drifting over our heads. I craned my head over the edge,to peer up at the 15th floor, and there on our upstairs neighbor's patio was a fern plant. I've never even heard those folks!

Speaking of lookin' up, our friends at MetroFresh have installed a new awning and ceiling fans on their patio:

Way to go Mitchel! Great job!!! I can't wait to enjoy a few meals on your new and improved patio with my boys! And of course the chartreuse can't be beat!

Yesterday afternoon was a play session for me. I am a huge fan of Frances Holliday Alford and was excited to see her article, "Lost in the Stash" in the new June/July 08 Quilting Arts issue. I searched through my stash of crafting things and found something labeled "Fantasy Film" which I thought might be the same as the Textiva Fusible Film that Frances used to develop her eye candy. But alas, after following all of her directions, the Fantasy Film didn't cooperate in quite the same manner as her Fusible Film did. I may just have to order myself some! I continued to play around and finished this piece in my circle series:

Again, I used paper towels that had mopped up dye, but I put the Fantasy Film between the two layers of the towels and zapped them with my heat gun, then I added some gold paint and sewed some beads in the center. I do believe that this will be the last of the flowers in this series. I want to return to circles.

But first: I'm off to run errands, go to the gym and take my Mom out to lunch!

Enjoy your day!



teodo said...

Your circle series are BELLISSIMI.(wonderful)
ciao ciao

Gerrie said...

You know I love that awning. I am so tired that is all I have to say.