Friday, June 13, 2008


and the livin' is eeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasy!

I've been gardening, cleaning out closets and drawers, walking, dyeing, sewing, etc. It's a great life!

While purging items in one drawer I came across the cami below, without the fern design.

I don't recall dyeing it, but I know that I must have, at some point. Anyway, I decided that it could do with some discharge, so the figure you see above was the result of one session in the studio. When I looked at it the other day, I decided it needed even more pizazz, so this is what happened:

Now I like this version a whole lot better!

I visited my favorite yarn shop this afternoon, and walked out with this:

It's called "Casbah" by Hand Maiden of Canada. It is 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon AND it's machine washable. Do I need to tell you how soft it is in my hands while I knit this pair of socks????? I can hardly wait to feel it against my footers!!



Jeannie said...

Thanks so much for the ATC. It is on my design wall and is so happy! The cami is beautiful. I love the violet shimmer. Have a great weekend.

Joyce said...

I thought the cami was pretty nice to start with but you definitely improved it.

corryna said...

Wonderful yarn. And I like the cami very well.


Margarita Korioth said...

I love the camis.I just realize you are also a RAT! This is "our" year baby!!
You would love to work with the rayon twill, feels like silk but you can treat it like cotton and the drape is fantastic!! You asked me about the pattern I used , it is a cross between comercial and home made, I modified it almost completely; i bougth it in Walmart, the title was not kimono and it has a zipper in the back. I saw both back pieces together and include buttons in the front, I had enough room to do that because I use 1cm seam allowances instead of 3/8 of an inch.Feel free to ask me any questions.
regards from Orlando, Marga