Monday, June 09, 2008

Old Friends

Well, we are home from the wedding.....and what a gala event it was! C and I had a great time visiting with friends: what a tribute to both families to have so many friends travel so far in order to witness their 'children' taking their vows!

There was a whole group of us from the stitch-in that I used to belong to (I don't 'stitch' much anymore, but they have invited me to come back and I think I will!), and they graciously invited me to be part of their group photo:

Can you pick me out????

Now it's back to work in this blazing heat. I hear we may have relief by the week's end, and I will be most thankful!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Strange, we have about the same kind of hot weather here in Sweden too.
Not as hot as you have but not far from it. They have also forecasted cooler weather here for the coming weekend, so the weekend can’t come fast enough. If no rain comes soon it will look like desert here =(

Lovely picture of you and your friends.

Kram Eva

Gerrie said...

I see you with your new red do!!

Karoda said...

new do and hip looking eyewear!