Saturday, June 07, 2008


According to Merriam Webster, this is sultry: sweltering, hot and humid, burning hot, torrid. I think you get my gist!

We walked the 3.1 mile loop around the Washington Duke early this morning. It was uncomfortable then, but that temperature would be welcomed now!

Here's the Washington Duke, where we are staying in air conditioned comfort:

After showers and a bit of internet, we headed out to Foster's for brunch. YUMMMM! I enjoyed the special Mango and Coconut French Toast. We shopped for a bit and then sought refuge from the elements at Duke's lovely Nasher Museum of Art. I loved the new exhibit of works by contemporary artist Barkley Hendrix, and also "the taste of the Modern", which included "Painting with Grey Wing" and "Slow Fall" by Robert Rauschenberg; "No. 46 by Mark Rothko; and "Hamburger with Pickle and Olive" and "Pie a la Mode" by Claes Oldenburg. According to our car's thermometer it was 99 in the shade! Phew!!

We drove by the Duke Chapel, just so we could get a feel for where we would be witnessing Rebecca and Chris exchanging their wedding vows:

Hmmm, yes: just your average small chapel!
I know I will be teary-eyed just as soon as the wedding music begins. Nostalgia takes over and I am a puddle! Do you get that way at weddings too?

Two more pieces from yesterday's PAQA exhibit in Cary:

Jette Clover's "Letter Landscape"

Judy Loope's "Celtic Combo"


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Gerrie said...

I remember that weather well. I love Jette's work. I scored one of her collages in Virginia's Collage Mania.