Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Proud Mama!

Kristin and her friends Sarah and Suzy participated in the Aflac Iron Girl Triathlon bright and early this morning (Kristin and Sarah left our house shortly after 5:00 AM). It was a first for all three, and judging by their smiling faces at the finish line, I think it was quite a positive experience and probably won't be their last. The event consisted of a 1/3 mile swim in Lake Lanier, then an 18-mile bike ride, and lastly a 3 mile run. The terrain is hilly in that area, thus providing a bit more of a challenge. I cannot imagine swimming a third of a mile, then running barefooted across a sandy beach and up a hill to a transition area to put on my biking/running shoes (over wet and sandy feet) and then getting on my bike and riding 18 miles, only to dismount at the transition area and run another 3 miles! These are some tough young women!

Dave and I made it to the finish line shortly after the girls did, and I was able to snap these pics:

l to r: Suzy, Sarah, Kristin

I've been happily knitting away on my newest pair of socks and I've gotta tell ya that I just adore this pattern and the wonderful Hand Maiden yarn! I dropped back by Knitch on Friday and picked up another skein so that I can get going on another pair when I finish these. Here is sock number one:

The yarn is called Casbah and it is 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon. The best part is that the socks are machine washable! Aren't they cute!!! The pattern is Simply Lovely Lace Socks by Karen Baumer and it is so easy to follow. I love her directions and really found the heel simple to work.

We are finally getting some much-needed rain here in the south. Here's a rather lovely 'thunderbump' that I photographed the other evening while we were at the condo:

If you enlarge this pic and look carefully, you'll see a jet just about to enter the cloud on the left side of the cloud, about halfway down. We watched that plane from our 14th floor perch, wondering if he'd go around the storm and just pass right through it. Hope everyone had their seat belts on!!

Our friends K & M visited with us in Midtown last week and we had a great time! They enjoy so manyof the same things that we do......including great food! We walked to Mitra on Friday night and all partook of varying renditions of the prix fixe menu. Well done Mitra!!!

Hope you've had a great week!



Gerrie said...

Hurrah for Kristin. My son's so just did a triathalon. So proud of her. Can you imagine that we would even think of such a thing when we were that age. I found the jet!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Well done Kristin and friends.
I got tired just reading about their escapades.
I can see the jet too, and I also took a similar picture the other day, but there wasn’t one only fluffy cloud, just a very, very blue sky.
Your socks are just wonderful and I love the colors. Wish I’d your zappy fingers =)

Kram Eva

Carol said...

Stunning photo! And gorgeous socks, you are clever to do those heels. I saw on Facebook yesterday that my son is looking for someone to accompany his wife in our local marathon "City to Surf" because otherwise he feels he'll have to do it with her. I can understand his apprehension - it's a run from the middle of the city to Bondi Beach but it has a killer hill halfway through, though it doesn't stop about 50,000 participants each year. My blog is sadly neglected and now that I'm back from NZ my life has overtaken me once again. I'll email you. XXOO

Rayna said...

Ah, what a kid!! You have every right to be proud of her.

You should have your book next week.