Monday, June 30, 2008

Party On!

Yesterday was our cousin Catherine's birthday. She is a lot younger than we are, but was feeling 'old' at the young age of 42.......groan! Catherine is very bright, witty beyond words, loving, giving, caring, and was suddenly struck with the horrible disease MS several years back. She conducts her life with a grace and dignity that is amazing, and I hold her in the highest regard. She doesn't stop at anything: living alone, swimming daily, singing in her church's choir, etc. I consider any time that I have the opportunity to spend with Catherine to be a very special gift.

Coincidentally, our cousins from Florida and their young, hip, and good lookin' NYC chilluns are vacationing about an hour north of us for two weeks, so we all got together yesterday to celebrate Catherine's day. Our weather here has been delightful and deliciously cool, which made our get-together even more pleasant. I snapped a few candid pics and will share them with you. I hope you can get a feel for the fun we all were having.

I dyed that tee for Catherine and had a ball creating it. The colors are just wild and they make me very happy. I hope she will feel a similar exhilaration when she wears it. Here is a closeup of some of the happy colors:

Catherine's Mom asked me to dye a jacket and pants in blue for the birthday girl. Once again, I had fun with this project, but since she would be wearing it in church while performing with the choir, I decided they needed to be a bit more subdued. Here's the jacket:

and here are the pants:

the colors actually do coordinate......the lighting wasn't always the same when I snapped these pics

Here's my faithful studio dog, doing his guard duty as I worked on Catherine's duds:

Thanks to all of C's fabulous family for making yesterday so much fun. Barker was exhausted after his day with Gus and Noelle, but he was happy to have made some new friends.

My friend Barbara sent me a fun link: go here
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Carol said...

What first? Handsome pic of the studio dog of course. Your tee for Catherine is great and your pants and jacket are very swish. You amaze me with the talents you have. Looked like a really nice family party, the best kind I'm beginning to think. I still haven't got to the email but did make it to the gym today, first time in ages. OOOXXX

Gerrie said...

I love the famiy get-togethers! You did some beautiful wearable art. Hugs to Barker the magnificent.

The Lawlors said...

Hey There,
I happened to check in the day you posted this one of Catherine's b-day celebration (I do check time to time to see what exciting stuff you are doing, but hadn't in awhile -- so glad to see the posting with pics of Catherine!)
Anyway, my comment didn't go through so trying again...we are currently on the Cape and internet is sporadic. I loved the t-shirt you did for her, suites her perfectly. The suit also a lovely piece -- I can see her wearing it singing in the choir. Catherine was dearly missed at our Wellesley reunion, but great to see recent photos of her.
I see that you all are well...congrats to Kristen on her triathlon. I love those mini ones, although I haven't done one in ages now!
Keep up the great work, you have such a talent.