Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

What does one do with an over abundance of ripe juicy tomatoes, beautiful basil and a lovely loaf of Ciabatta? Well, I for one decided to make some Bruschetta. MMMMMM! We had picked up some very fresh and pungent garlic at our local farmers market last weekend, and also had a bit of the chevre remaining, so we were in business!

C was doing some grocery shopping yesterday at Whole Foods, where we happen to adore their very fresh fish, so he picked up some Halibut and I made Halibut Provencal. Another winner!

Recipes for both of these tasty treats can be found here.

And for after dinner entertainment, now that the Democratic National Convention is history, we watched
If you enjoy animation and are captivated by color and creativity, this is a must see! We turned on the commentary while the shorts were playing (because I thought I was going to knit and listen....NOT: the eye candy was too tempting!) and I highly recommend you do the same. There is so much to learn from these incredibly gifted designers. We got our dvd from Netflix, but I happen to know that Amazon also has it.

I am very hopeful that the Obama/Biden ticket will be victorious, but if not and, God forbid, something should happen to McCain, would our country be run like a small town in Alaska or like the state itself? I applaud Sen McCain for choosing a woman as his running mate, but someone with a bit more experience might be in order (I have a lot more issues with Ms Palin, but I won't delve into them here).



Cyber Fyber said...

Today I'm working on the ATC exhibition labels for the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition. This brought me by your incredible blog. I adore your war cost element clicking up all those dollars and the excitement you generate for Obama! Love the new work too. If you've got a minute or two, send me your impression of your new respirator plus purchasing info. I've been using a lot of xylene lately....outside for ventilation but know I need something much, much better!

Lora Martin said...

Judy, Your bruscetta and halibut is beautiful! We're having a very similar dinner tonight in Santa Barbara.

Carol said...

Forgot to say how lovely the cami is - lucky K. You look so - well, like a fireman comes to mind - in your new mask. Good idea, though I can't imagine that it's too comfortable, but much better for your safety. Your food pics look yummy, I'll check out the recipes. I just had an orange heirloom tomato on fabulous Italian bread for lunch and the colour and taste of the orange tomato was wonderful. I'm working my way through all the different colours and I think I like the bright green ones best but they all leave normal supermarket tomatoes, even the truss and the hydroponic ones, in the shade. XXOO

Gerrie said...

I am trying to catch up with my fave blogs. Now, you have made me really hungry and it is a couple of hours until lunch.

Isn't the campaing getting very interesting? What shoe will drop next.

Kristin's cami is beautiful. You did a great job.