Monday, September 01, 2008

Dreaming of Dahlias, but not Miss Congeniality!

I finished quilting "Dreaming of Dahlias" the other day and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome:

While quilting her, I was trying to decide upon a binding. I'm fairly certain I will use a very narrow black silk border. I've pinned her up (yeah, she's a pinup girl!) on top of a piece of black fabric on my design wall, so we all can take a peek. What do you think? Do you like the black binding?

A few days ago I prepared another screen for some more deconstructed screen printing. This time I used ferns and here's the screen I got:

Yesterday afternoon I did the deconstruction. This first pic is a bit out of focus, but squint your eyes as best you can and take a look:

I am so amazed at the color! Can you see the fern laying sideways in the left part of the panel?

Here's my second draw across the screen:

Of course, I had chosen my beloved turquoise for the the dyed print paste in the latter draws...and I it thrills me, as usual!

Oh, and one more thing and then I'll let you get on with your own life: if you haven't read Maureen Dowd's hysterically funny editorial in yesterday's NY Times, here it is! C and I were practically rolling on the floor she had us laughing so hard. Warning: Palinistas may not appreciate this humor, so don't look if you can't take the heat!



Gerrie said...

Ooooh! You are taking over from me as the political rabble rouser, eh?

I think the black silk border is perfect. I have got to try some more deconstruction, but first I have other things to finish.

imquilternity said...

LOVE the deconstructed screen printing! I was just ordering supplies to do the very same thing! Hope I have wonderful results like you got! Show us more!!

Joyce said...

I really like the black border. I think nothing sets off bright colors as well as black.

Carol said...

Love Maureen Dowd's article, made me laugh, and have sent it on to some of my rabble rousing friends. The black border is stunning, as is the quilt. And I'm fascinated by what is happening to the deconstructed screen printing.XO

Karen Hall said...

Dreaming of Dahlias is lovely Judy - so full of life. Wonderful colour.

Barbara said...

Love this post Judy! Your subtle political references are great!

The black border is great it makes the Dahlias pop! Such a beautiful piece!

I'm off to check out the editorial.

I too want:

Peace, Hope & No Palin!

linda stokes said...

Your deconstructed prints look great Judy & the quilt Is beautiful too. Not totally sure about the black but I'm obviously in the minority so ignore that!

Lora Martin said...

The black binding is a great choice! And the deconstructed printing ... really love the results you are getting with it. One of these days, I will get around to trying it, for now, willing to ooohh and ahhh over what you are posting.

And, thanks for the Maureen Dowd link. It is very, very funny, as is the subject.