Friday, August 29, 2008


I am still flying very high after Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention last night! Wasn't he magnificent!! His message has filled me with such hope not only for those of us here in the US, but also for the rest of the world. and what a message to the younger generations! I am so looking forward to January 2009....but we've all got to do our part to elect the Obama/Biden ticket! I hope you're with me on this. Leave a comment and let me and my other readers know!!!

I had two pieces of very important mail arrive on Wednesday afternoon: First, the pretty one:

a lovely fabric postcard from my friend Terry Grant in Portland, OR. I had sent Terry three colorful wine bottle corks, and she sent me this in thanks. I think I got the far better end of the deal, don't you!!!

The other package was from Pro Chem and included this lovely accessory:

Cute, huh?!!! I already had a respirator, but decided to update to this one, which ProChem claims is suited to Thiox. Since I use the stuff a good bit in my 'work' (and my play) I decided I would bite the bullet and get one....besides, I know that I am stylin' with the purple and yellow against my red hair! (By the way, the latest word from my ENT since my CT Scan is that all of my sinuses are gunked up, so I will be on a round of prednisone AND antibiotics in hopes of remedying the situation! I am so full of hope these days!).

And lastly, I want to share this with you:

I have finally put the finishing touches on this silk charmeuse halter top for K! I hand-dyed, dishcharged and stamped the buttery soft charmeuse, and then used Amy Grant's Cabo Halter pattern to construct it. K is so tiny that it required much alteration, but we've finally gotten it right. Ethel, my mannequin, is a bit larger than K, so she doesn't show it off quite so well, but you can get the general idea!

That's all for today............but don't forget to leave a comment about the Obama/Biden ticket! We finally have HOPE for a CHANGE!! WooHoo!!!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

If I was an American I would have elected Obama and Biden, but I can keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.
K will look wonderful in your creation ;-) I love the colors!

Have a nice weekend!
Kram Eva

Lora Martin said...

Flying right along with you! That speech was amazing and to the point! Change is going to come to America if we can continue to support Obama/Biden all during their administration with the same level of committment that we feel today.

Great mail you got received today, and the mask is just "you", dah-link! Now, go, make wonderful art.

imquilternity said...

I was left speechless last night and find that I still am today. When someone comes along who is so inspirational and brings with him such a message of hope, it almost seems a miracle.

Barbara said...

Judy, I feel the same way! Obama and Biden are our only chance for change. If the middle class is to survive not to mention the American dream we have to elect the Democratic ticket.

What did you think about McCain's running mate? I was shocked! It is scary that a woman with so little experience and a pro life position is a heartbeat and 4 bouts of cancer away from leading this country. We all need to do our parts to make sure this does not happen.

Peace! (and Hope) :)

Terry said...

Glad you like the postcard! I haven't felt so hopeful about a presidential candidate since JFK! Go Obama!

Terry said...

P.S. The postcard is sideways!

komodori said...

Obama was tremendous. I thought he met every his challenge head on with good sense, vision and resolve. Our country is indeed better than this and Obama has the moral courage to lead us forward. And it was an inspiration to see him with Michelle and their children and feel their devotion for one another. McCain's cynical calculated pick for VP not only illustrates everything Obama spoke but ought to be seen as an insult to all intelligent women in this country.

Karoda said...

Can't wait to go vote in November...I'm going to dance to the poll and dance out of it and Godspeed, will dance some more in January! I've listened and watched the speech several times since Thursday night and politically he is on top of what needs to occur in our future.

That top is elegant and K should dance while wearing it :) and you should dance while wearing your mask so the neighbors will ask you whats going on and you can introduce them to the wonders of discharge and advocate for Obama at the same time. :)

linda stokes said...

What a gorgeous top Judy, beautiful fabric!

Anonymous said...

I can remember back to when I didn't see a black student in my school until I was in the 7th grade. The schools in Maryland were segregated and so were the neighborhoods. African diplomats driving from NY to Washington had to use separate bathrooms and drinking fountains along the highway. What has happened is a miracle. If Obama is elected, I think the U.S. will have finally grown up to be the great country it was always meant to be.

Carol said...

All my best Australian hopes are pinned on Obama. I am so shocked to read about McCain's choice of running mate - emails are running hot here, in amazement and worry at the thought of those two being elected. Just when I thought no one could be right of Bush, too.

Jeannie said...

Yep, I'm with you! Love the top for K and Terry's postcard. Good luck with the sinus problem - been there, done that, and it isn't fun. Take care!