Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am

Yes, I am:

Thanks to my good friend Barbara for the gift of the wonderful bumper sticker. My car is proudly illustrating my political flavor.

What's in my knitting basket these days:

Isn't that a yummy color combo! I'll show you more when I get it finished.

I did stop by Knitch the other day to do a bit of shopping. I LOVE Knitch in Virginia Highlands:

I love everything about it: the funky and inviting entryway, the wonderfully helpful and friendly staff, the calm while at the same time exciting atmosphere, and of course the beautiful yarns! I bought this pattern and some beautiful Rowan cotton yarn for a Christmas surprise for my Mom. SHHHHH: don't tell her! I am hoping that one of my next knitting projects will be this for MOI! Perhaps you'd like to get me one of these!

Saw this beautiful Hibiscus while I was walking through the Highlands:

and this morning, I spotted these Lobelia blooming against my garden fence, where my Sweet Autumn Clematis is also blooming:
Remember last summer when my garden and fence were all being redone? It was worth all of the deconstruction, I say now, in retrospect!

And here's what you've undoubtedly been waiting for, more on the progress of 'Losing Track': Here's where I left it last evening:

Gerrie had suggested that I put a focal point in the center, and I had been thinking the same thing all along, but I just didn't know what. It struck me that my underlying point is fleeting time and losing family, so I was tending towards the photos being hours on the face of a clock. I had removed the one clock face photo, and thought that it belonged in the center.

This morning while Barker and I walked the golf course, I began to think that perhaps a swirl of the tracks would be more appealing:

Still unsure. One thing I am certain of however: this art quilt business is very difficult for me!

I'll leave you with one last photo from the weekend. We went to see Hallelujah St Blues at the Horizon Theater in Little Five Points on Sunday evening. It's a great show and a 'must see' if you are in the area! This lovely old home sits next to the theater:

This is just a side view, but I wanted you to see the lovely upper windows. I have admired that home for years and years, and the folks who live there keep making it better all the time! Yeah!

Have a great day!



Gerrie said...

Not a swirl! Now it looks like a clock. I think your first arrangement of the tracks was very elegant. I still want you to move those rectangle in and not make them so organized - but that is me - disorganized, as you know.

I want, I need, that bumper sticker. Am I not the first Obama Mama? - :}

Carol said...

Not sure about the swirl. Think it makes it look like a flower with petals blowing away. I really liked it the way it is in the top photo. Go you good Obama Mamas.