Thursday, September 04, 2008


Life's been good: we've been enjoying cooler temps, lovely breezes, and a few days of leisure. Well, not: C has been installing new driveway lighting, cable systems, and numerous other household improvements. So, I've been dyeing t-shirts:

This one began as my nemesis! I had completed the initial dyeing and wasn't happy with it, so I overdyed it, and I still was not happy, so it hung in my laundry room for about a month. I got out the discharging drugs on Monday and this is what happened:

I love this shirt! It reminds me of fireworks!! Although it doesn't show, the lighter portions that appear to be white, are actually a very pale lavender. It is a gorgeous tee and I am so glad that I pursued its destiny.

Here is another that I'm still working on:

It needs a little pizzazz! I'm thinking some gold!

For some unknown reason, this shirt photographed grey where it is actually a lovely teal blue. Yes, the reddish color is fuschia, but it looks great with the teal! The lighter color is more of a teal/lavender blend. I love it too, although it is not in my color range.

So, why the "Hmmmmmmm" in my heading tonight? I watched Sarah Palin's speach last night and I was angry at first and then as the night went on, pretty nauseous thinking that someone of John McCain's stature might actually stoop so low as to ask her to serve as his running mate....and that the American public might actually elect her to serve as VP, and potentially President! Don't get me wrong, she is one skilled politician, but that is about where she stops! If
you really want to know more about this VP candidate(and this is funny!!!), you owe it to yourself to go here.

I am still hoping for



Gerrie said...

I was so depressed tonight. We went for a long walk to avoid the McSame speech. What are we going to do?

I like the shirt with the brown - at least it looks brown.

Jeannie said...

Thanks, I needed that! Jon Stewart is so good! I got so disgusted tonight, I cleaned the kitchen - trust me - that isn't my favorite thing to do!
Is the shirt brown? It is beautiful and the others are fantastic. Have a great weekend.

Carol said...

Tees are gorgeous. Loved the vid - we get a lot of info but miss out on the bits like that. God help us all if she gets to be Vice President. XXOO

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Ha, ha!!! Love the video with Jon Stewart (they show his programs here in Sweden too). Still keeping my fingers crossed for Obama =)

Love your Tees as usually ;-)

Big hugs from Eva

Joyce said...

Your tees are fantastic. I love how you keep going until you get something you love.
We are starting an election up here too. I hate politics but that's going to be our TV for the next while.