Thursday, October 30, 2008

Set Up Day

So, after walking 4 miles on the golf course with Barker early this morning and then taking him to Miss Brenda, his beloved groomer, I got busy photographing and tagging the rest of my pieces that will be on my table at our church's show, beginning this Saturday.

This is one of my all-time faves:

I chose the color scheme after admiring a wonderful Dale Chihuly birthday card that our friend Michael had sent me last year. Of course it's the traditional red/green, but with a great twist! Thank you Mr. Chihuly! I felt so free when I waxed, painted, waxed, and then again painted this scarf. The fiber is silk charmeuse, so you know that it is butter soft and drapes like a dream.

This 44" square of hand-painted silk crepe was inspired by Fleegle's Knitting Blog, which my friend Roberta (Dr. Sock) had told me about:

You will notice, if you read Fleegle's blog post, that I was totally inspired by the colors in the scarf she chose! HA!! Anyway, the square of silk is transformed into a wonderful little bag. I have chosen to use the clear acrylic handles (courtesy of the honorable Dr. Sock) to fashion my furoshiki. Those Japanese are so inventive!!!

It's a wonderful little bag and I can't wait to make more of them for all seasons!

Next, I will finally divulge the piece that I have been knitting on (off and on) for several months now:

I dyed the silk, tore it into strips, and then knitted it into a lovely little wrap.

Dr. Sock will want to see the button that I chose for closure:

I'm really pleased with the outcome of this little project.

It wasn't until after lunch, after my shower (Pee-You!), and after loading up C's SUV, that I finally got my stuff to the church. Thanks Be To God!! I almost immediately met up with Becky, who introduced herself to me, but she didn't need to for I had been impressed by her work two years ago at our last show. She said she reads my blog!!! (I was excited but also felt a bit transparent!). I was really glad to find out that our tables are next to eachother in the gift shop area, since Becky does incredible things with vintage linens. I'm really honored to be sharing space with her.

Setting up isn't my cup of tea, and it makes me a bit crazy (or crazier than usual?), so it took me a long, long time. C and I had found some great plastic lattice at Home Depot, and I thought that the white plastic would be a perfect way to display my 'stuff'. I had a hard time getting it to behave, but with a little wire and the help of Jeremy, our festival co-chair, we straightened it out, literally!

So here's how it looked when I finished:

Above is 'my space', and below is 'our space': Becky's and mine! I wish I had some closeups of her work, because she has taken some beautiful vintage linens and transformed them into beautifully functional pieces for the 21st century.

As I was leaving the church, I caught a glimpse of our lovely steeple:

It wasn't too long ago that we built our new nave and I stood amongst a crowd as Mike Feeman, the current Associate Rector, climbed into a bucket attached to a crane and mounted the wonderful Celtic Cross atop the steeple. It was a magical moment and I still get chills when I recall it.

This afternoon Becky and I discussed our hopes that Barack Obama will win the Presidential election next Tuesday. She told me that she felt a kindrid spirit when she read my blog and saw my Obama sign at the upper right, and also that she felt quite the minority here in GainesVegas. I agreed but told her that I was filled with the Hope of Change every time I passed by the HUGE OBAMA/BIDEN sign on Green Street. She hadn't seen it, so I snapped a picture on my drive home. Here it is, Becky:

That's it for tonight folks!



Gerrie said...

Gaaa! I love the second scarf with the orange blobs. Your assortment of scarves looks wonderful.

Jeannie said...

Wow! I would be heading straight for both of your booths! The variety of scarves is impressive and the purse is wonderful. But, I really like your torn silk shawl. Is it a "Judy Original" pattern? Have fun!

Joyce said...

Your booth looks wonderful.

Judy said...

In answer to Jeannie's question about the torn silk wrap that I knit: when I began to knit again after a gazillion years of not doing so, I thought it would be fun to use silk strips rather than wool or cotton yarn. I tried dyeing and knitting Dharma's habotai bias strips, but they knit up so quickly that the price became prohibitive almost immediately. This past summer I read an article by Brecia Kralovic-Logan in Belle Armoire entitled "Dye, Cut, Knit" in which she described dyeing silks, then tearing them into strips and knitting them. Brecia makes lovely long garments. Check out the article on page 56 of the July-August 08.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, Well I am leaving a comment, as promised. I love your Blog. I actually find myself LOL, at places, especially when you picked up that object next to the fire hydrant with the poop bag! What a hoot! Love reading your stories, and looking at your beautiful, silk creations. I am honored to be your booth mate, and be published on your blog. We Boston girls are a special lot. I will try to send you a pic of my dog by e-mail. His name is Orion and he will be 1yr. old in Nov. He is a Shepard/ Rodesian Ridgeback/ Hound mix and 83 lbs. I love the stories of Barker, and recently the pic of him w/ golfcourse debris. See you Sat. nite at openning, I'll be the girl serving punch!! Becky