Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Forty Seven

Our church's Wednesday night dinners during Advent get all dressed up, and become rather magical. Kristy, our chef, does miraculous things with our menu, and prepares the most incredible desserts, coffees, and teas.

The program tonight was presented by my friend Barbara and she and two of her girlhood friends from Atlanta spoke about Creches, Nativity Scenes.

There were many varieties for sale which Barbara had brought from the Cathedral Gift Shop. This one is a music box: turn the star and Away in a Manger plays.

I love this one, with the nativity scene in the angel's skirt:

Here is another sweet little one:

And here's another that captivated my heart:

and like C is so fond of saying: everything has it's price tag!

This hand crocheted creche was one of many brought by Carol and Laura:

Here's a closeup of two of the Magi:

How is this fiber related, you might ask? Well, Barbara asked me to furnish the silk to go under some of the creches. I had a great time dyeing these pieces, and they did add to the evening's festivities.

There has been a lot of discussion about rolling one's own hems on silk scarves on one of the online lists that I subscribe to. I purchased a new Bernina serger a couple of years ago, and the reason I bought the particular model that I did was because of the nice rolled hem that it produced. I've purchased some cones of silk thread from Dharma, and am really pleased with the way the rolled hems turned out on these pieces of silk gauze. And of course, the hems then dye beautifully, along with the silk!

It's cold and dry here now (well, except when it's raining, which isn't often!), so I am back in the lotion production business, first shared with me by Vicki. I love this lotion, and so does C, so I make lots of it during the winter!

Yep, there's my scale, my distilled water, all of the ingredients, Vicki's original blog post about making the lotion, and ah ha: Rachel Maddow!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist!!



Joyce said...

I tried rolled hems on my serger but always had a problem with making the corners neat. Do you have that problem when using your regular machine?

Vicki W said...

I need to make more lotion myself!