Monday, December 01, 2008

Only Fifty!

I've been busy dyeing up a few things that I cannot show you just yet....some surprises for a few special people, and some projects not yet completed. While I was 'working' out in the studio, I had some scraps of scoured muslin left over from my Wild Onion Jacket, and decided to play around with one of my tjaps that had never behaved too well. I was batiking some other pieces, so I plopped the tjap into the soy wax and let it heat up. After the wax cooled on my muslin, I soaked it for a few minutes in soda ash and then barely wrung it out and spread it in an old wallpaper trough. I drizzled some Procion MX turquoise and teal over the fabric, and then put the trough and fabric in our furnace room for the night. Here's how it looked after ironing, washing, and ironing again:

This is the first time that I've had good results with that tjap, so I'm pretty happy. Also, the batching in the furnace room in the winter is a good plan here in north Georgia where the temps get pretty darned cold. I have no problem with fixing my Procion MX dyes in the microwave as long as the piece of fabric is small, but this was a rather large cut....and the wallpaper trough wasn't about to fit into the microwave!

Speaking of cold temps: we had snow today! Well, heck it is December first, right? But, this is Georgia! Oh well!!!

Remember the Noro Cashmere Island scarf I was knitting a few weeks back? Well, I finished it last Friday! WooHoo! Just in time for our cooler temps!

I love all of the colors in it......and it is sooooooooo soft! MMMMMMMMMMMM!

My latest knitting adventure is this:

This is Artyarns 5 Cashmere and the pattern is their Paneled Zigzag Scarf. I had serious doubts about whether I could knit this, but Dr Sock assured me that I was up to the task. Sure enough, she was correct, and I am well into it now! After all, she is the Dr!!

Speaking of good friends, R has shared his admiration for The New York Times' Minimalist with me. C had a board meeting in town tonight and wasn't getting out until 7, so his plan was to stop by Pollo Loco and pick up some of their delish chicken. My plan was to make Bittman's stir fried sweet potatoes, some green beans, and a spinach salad. It was delish. If you don't know about the Minimalist, try him: you'll like him!

So: Only Fifty???? I know that some of you are aware of the significance of my title, but if you are not, I am gleefully referring to the number of days until Barack Obama will be inaugurated as our next President of these United States!



Gerrie said...

I'm glad you are keeping track for me. I am too busy!! I have found that the furnace room works for batching in the winter, too. You have some gorgeous knitting going on. I started something the other day, but have the wrong size needles. Stir fried sweet potatoes? Got to try that.

Jeannie said...

Yummy colors and gorgeous scarves. The best Christmas present will arrive on January 20th! Take care and keep warm. Cheers.

Eva said...

The colours of the scarf are beautiful! And also the turquoise batik is great. Nothing is as rewarding as experiments, I believe.

Barbara said...

I love your blue material. It reminds me of the ocean. The lighter sections look like sea creatures. Very Cool!


Beverly said...

Yummy turquoise! If you need another option for batching in the winter, I use two heat lamps- cheap and easy at home depot. We babysat a couple of owls for a friend (who does wildlife rehab) last winter in our garage, and had one on them. When they returned, it hit me- I can use the lamp for dyeing! And it has worked great.

Anonymous said...
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